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RE: Welcome to the Garage Sale Issue 3 - Velkommen til garasjesalget utgave 3

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Auction nr 10 issue 3 CLOSED - Auksjon nr 10 utgave 3 AVSLUTTET

We have 3 brand new grow pots.
Round Fabric grow bags (felt pot)

Good waterproof, air permeability, can bring the whole soil ball full of root.
Plant from seedling, but planted directly into the bag, no need to exchange the soil, after transplant, the development of the seeding is fast. The growth of the plants will be greath
Suitable to every soil, can be transplanted every moment, will not be influence by the weather.
Convenient and easy to plant, can repeat to use several times.
Durable for drought and ventilate.
Material: environmental non-woven fabrics.
Perfect for: Tomato, strawberries and all you want to grow.

Bid what you want and have fun.

Don't forget our famous CachBack

Best regards @EveryDayCoach at @BabsBoard


Hey! I really want this. Sorry @tommyhansen, I will outbid you.

My new bid is 15 Steem

You are the winner of auction 10 in Issue 3 @fender

Just send 15 Steem to @everydaycoach. In the memo you write your name, address and country. If you do not want other people to see your name etc. You just start with # in the memo field, then it is only @everydaycoach and you that can read it.
The Upvote Cannon Boat will now summon people to come and give you CachBack.

Have a nice day and enjoy the CashBack
Best regards @EveryDayCoach at @BabsBoard

isn't there a space after the # in a memo?

Damn 15 Steem is a good bid as the new bid at the new auction is at 20 SBD right now.
I also thought about bidding on it. Maybe next time.

jeg byr 13 SBD

Dattera blir kjempeglad når hun får disse pottene.......

Deer @tommyhansen will you write in English please?How can i make more profit please tell me.

read ramtaskolen
I am going to him tonight
if you can write me when I am there

I will start of the bidding at this cool looking pot's Think i will use it for tomato and cucumber:-)
The Norwegian spring feeling is making me happy today:-)

My bid is 5 SBD


Yesterday I was out buying seed's for planting in this cool pots.

I will raise my bid to 9 STEEM


Lovely flowers. I need those pots for my garden.My Bid for those pots is 6 SBD.

My guesstimate this post will make @110 reply's & highest Bid will be @38 SBD.


I need that for my roof garden.In this coming summer i am planning to plant some tree on my roof.This kinds of thing will help me to do so.So my bid is 7SBD.index1.jpg

Thank's to @babsboard and @fender for showing me your love by upvoting me.Thank's a lot to you great people.

My Bid for these beautiful pot is 5 SBD.

My guesstimate this post will make @105 reply's.


This looks very useful for gardening .I have a small garden on my balcony.This one will be very good for me.I will bid 4 SBD for this.ClearcutWetGrayreefshark-max-1mb.gif

This is nice for roof top gardening.My bid is 12SBD.
My guesstimate is post will make @157 reply's & highest Bid will be 18 SBD

Deer @tommyhansen will you write in English please?How can i make more profit please tell me.

This is very useful for small garden on balcony.I wanna buy it.My price is 11SBD.ClearcutWetGrayreefshark-max-1mb.gif

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