Stone Seascape

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One of my favorite artists (Iron & wine) sings in one of his songs that "no one looks away when the sun goes down", but if you do; you can see the night creeping in from the left. (South)
When editing this image in Lightroom I became aware of something I've not thought of before, most of the top sliders and the curves tool actually do the same things with you image. If you first ramp up the contrast, then lower the highlight and shadow's they will actually contradict each other. If you on top of that go for an "S-curve" in the curve tool you will actually just introduce a third way of adding contrast.
Now; only one of them is actually necessary as they all do precisely the same thing, add or lower contrast.
So for this image I have only pushed the contrast up a bit and concentrated on the colors.
The result is a "clearer image"
What are your thoughts to this?
Cheers, Erlend

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One of the best landscape photography
Smooth click♥️

Beautiful saying and awesome photo! I love the editing, I think you did a really good job!

Synes dette var veldig bra.
Har prøvd meg på noe lignende i LR uten heller :)
Veldig "pent og rent" bilde dette her

Veldig fint bilde, @erlendgroseth! Det var også interessant å se litt rundt hvordan du hadde bearbeidet bildet i Lightroom :)

Takk @Valth.
Så lenge man bruker Raw filer er bildebehandling en vesentlig del av prosessen, og det er like mange måter å behandle bilder i lightroom på som det er fotografer... :)
God helg :)

Ja, ikke sant. Jeg har alltid hørt at det er minst like viktig med etterarbeidet som selve bildet, selv om jeg aldri har satt meg inn i akkurat den prosessen selv. God helg til deg også :)

Wow !!!!
Stone in seescape looking wonderful...
Marvelous place and great photography @erlendgroseth

So for this image I have only pushed the contrast up a bit and concentrated on the colors.
I am not that good at editing but man whatever you have done has enhanced the beauty of the view

Hi @mumin007
Yes, that's correct, only a dab of contrast and a bit of colors. Does not matter what method you are using, but all 3 of them seems to be "overkill" :)
Cheers, Erlend

Really awesome

Such a great view. I have seen this kind of beautiful place. Looks like the door of heaven. Amazing steepshot, I appreciate your great creativity.

i have used Adobe Lightroom in this pic, its a good editor

Cool image, thanks for sharing.
Cheers, Erlend

Well I think the contrast is perfect, the brightness is perfect. The stones look like little circles of heaven. This photograph is perfect overall.

Wow! It's so beautiful, i always wanted to visit norway it's such a beautiful place

Norway is a nice place indeed, but the world is full of gems for those who are wiling to look ;)
Cheers, Erlend


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Sungguh alam yang indah dan tenang, tempat ini cocok dikunjungi nih buat kita kalem aja haha. Makasih postingannya👍

I've never used Lightroom to edit images but it seems complicated

Well, it's easier than photoshop :)
And to be honest, it's not that hard. Very intuitive interface when you get the hang of it.
Cheers, Erlend

It's worth a try then

Enjoy the sunset on the beach Beautiful, and immortalized in a good shot.
Like @erlendgroseth

Great shot!

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