Thank you @Joklahoma
Hope you like our new layoyt for the magazine this week.

Tommel opp.jpg

Kindest Regards

Nice layout!

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I'm always following your magazine, because it really adds value to this platform, I'm interested in all the areas you do your articles on, I just want to know if you post topics other than those you have to deal in this edition and the previous edition?
In any case I admit that you do a great job

Thank you @Redouanemez
We are going to have some different topics also. So just follow us in the next week and you will probably see some changes :)
Is there any topics you would like to read about?



Yes of course I will follow you every week because I find that your content is really important, for your question I would like if you publish on health for example the benefits of organic food on our health ... I love the topics that carry tips for maintaining good health and morale.

You guys are doing a great job on this magazine, I've been looking forward to reading the new issue all week.

Nice to hear that you have been waiting for the magazine @Tbnfl4sun
As you can see we have done some changes to the layout this time.
The goal is to make it look more like a typical magazine, even though we have some way still to go.
So any feedback from the readers are appreciated :)


Kindest regards

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Kul ide med å presentere norske steemere gjennom et magasin!
Skal se om jeg ikke får sendt inn noe ila uken ;)

Keep it up gutta boys!

Så bra @Fredrikaa
Det hadde vært veldig hyggelig om du tok deg tid til å skrive ned noe linjer om deg selv og det du driver med.
Du har jo en fantastisk spennende jobb!
Gleder oss til å høre fra deg :)



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That's pretty cool to know thanks for the tips by the way :)

Hope you like our new layoyt for the magazine this week yes.

very nice post.thank you for sharing.god bless you

Great tips as always. Thank

Hope you like our new layoyt for the magazine this week.

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