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RE: One Bit News - Your STEEM magazine - Week 2

in #norway5 years ago

I'm always following your magazine, because it really adds value to this platform, I'm interested in all the areas you do your articles on, I just want to know if you post topics other than those you have to deal in this edition and the previous edition?
In any case I admit that you do a great job


Thank you @Redouanemez
We are going to have some different topics also. So just follow us in the next week and you will probably see some changes :)
Is there any topics you would like to read about?



Yes of course I will follow you every week because I find that your content is really important, for your question I would like if you publish on health for example the benefits of organic food on our health ... I love the topics that carry tips for maintaining good health and morale.

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