Supplements - WHAT is your FAVORITE? Focus/Memory - My top 4 picks

in norway •  9 months ago

Wanted to write a little bit again. Healthy writing. And give some tips on Supplements and Herbs.

1.PQQ - My all time favorite Supplement for Focus, Alertness, and Mitochondria is PQQ taken with Bioperine and CoQ10. More on PQQ at - Thats were i read most of the Benefits of nearly all Herbs and Supplements i'm taking and wondering about. This is awesome BRAINFOOD.
The brands may vary. But i do like Jarrow Formulas products a lot. So that is Number one.
2 - Lions mane (MUSHROOM). Because it is an awesome mushroom with so much good. Memory and brain booster. Lions-Mane-Supplement-Thumbnail.jpg

3 - Ashwagandha (HERB) ashwagandhainfo.jpg

4 - Bacopa Monnieri - (HERB)


Have a lot more than these to add. Coming in later posts :)

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  1. I like Jarrow products generally, too... I don't take PQQ or CoQ10 but pretty sure I get a decent amount from food.


Haven't tried the other two, but some low hanging fruit imo is seafood and turmeric/curcumin + black pepper.


actually have to check if i get enough via food. But it does help taking Turmeric and Black pepper with it. and in foods too. Love ayurveda herbs and foods / spices. About PQQ i feel it takes away muscle pain and brain fog. Used for years and notice when i dont take it. So no doubts. :) YES mushrooms are awesome. Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, hehe and food mushrooms. LOVE all Shrooms :D