Announcing the winner of the contest from issue 5 of @BabsBoard garage sale

in #norway4 years ago (edited)

We are extremely happy to announce that @AmalMez is the winner of our contest.

The correct answer ended at 39 Upvotes, @AmalMez guesstimated 39 Upvotes.

I guesstimate this post will get 39 Upvotes.

We are proud to see that so many people take a part in our Garage sale and enjoy our site.

As promised @AmalMez, we will give you some really good upvotes, all you have to do is make a comment to this post and you will get your reward (big Upvote).
Lionel Messi are waiting for your comment too! He will give his signal to the people so they come and give you Upvotes.

We hope that all of you have as much fun as we do, both with bidding and buying at our auctions, selling your own stuff and participating in our contests.

We need music.
The language of the Soul.

And some education about ? Have a good laugh!

Happy Thursday everyone
@BabsBoard - We fix everything


Hi @babsboard and everyone!
Is it true?! I do not expect to find the right number of upvotes,
I'm really happy, I'm going to have a great night.


Thank you very much my dear steemit’s friends you make me the happiest

Best regards

Congratulations @amalmez
That was a pretty good guess you made there.
I will do this little danse for you too celebrate you:-)

What a wonderful dance @frufiffi it is very expressive lol 😆

Congratulations @amalmez! I'm very happy my little sister won the guesstimate contest! Well done and go ahead you are on the right path to the success in steemit!


Congratulations @amalmez,

I'm sure you did not give this number to chance, but you did a little study on the old contests and the average number of upvotes.

I congratulate you on your perseverance and your courage on the @babsboard garage sale page.



Thank you dear friend @aminekad!
Frankly yes you're right, I did a little analysis of the old posts to give a good forecast of the number,
and I am happy to succeed.
I wish you the good luck for the next gesstimates
Best regards

Congrats @amalmez!

With knowledge in your hands and an open heart, you were sure to find success in your efforts. Congratulations Dear @AmalMez .


Congratulations to @AmalMez!!
May today's success be the beginning of tomorrow's achievements.


Congratulation to @AmalMez for winning this Contest.

Hope you win next time also.


Well done @Amalmez you deserve it, please wish us good luck next time with sir @babsboard and the famous garage sale 😉


Congratulations @AmalMez

This is called net guessing I think you should participate in lottery games you will certainly have unparalleled success I'm just joking but it is certainly not so easy to predict, especially with such precision.

Thank you @Babsboard for the happiness that you create for us and that free of charge, the happiness we get through entertaining and wonderful competitions, @babsboard you are really the best.

I really loved the song very much thanks.

Hey Hey @AmalMez
That was a great win for you, I hope this will make your week:-) The items you bought from me is shipped and will come to you soon.

Keep on your active work on steemit and keep up your good comments and guesses.
Have a great day:-)


Thank you sir @everydaycoach!
I look forward to the arrival of the beautiful pots.
Happy to make a deal with you.

Best Regards

Congratulation to Dear @AmalMez for winning this contest. You are the first one who guess the answer hundred percent correctly. Its quite amazing.
And a lots of thanks to @BabsBoard for arranging such a amazing & fun Auction.


Congratulations @amalmez,

Good luck to everyone for next time.
Thank you @babsboard for these opportunities that you offer us is really great.

Congratulations to @Amalmez for this brilliant success.images1.jpg

Congratulations dear sister @amalmez

I am very happy for you, my little sister, you deserve meritorious and deserved victory, you have put your guess with finite precision.

Congratulations @amalmez

You guess the answer hundred percent correctly.
And a lots of thanks to @BabsBoard for arranging such a amazing & fun Auction.

Good luck to everyone for next time.

Congratulation sir..We are happy to win your contest

we are proud of you sir

I am proudly said.

I look forward to the next contest, hopefully can win something too :)

Steem on indeed, have a good weekend as well @babsboard.

Good guessing work @amalmez!!

Must be his lucky number lol :)

Nailed it.

Sure did.

Hopefully I can next time!!

Wow @AmalMez, Bulls-eye, 100% accurate.

Many many congratulation to you.


Winning is always special.Congratulations to @AmalMez for such achievement.images9.jpg

congratulations @amalmez
you deserve it even though I was almost guessing the number of upvotes.
congratulations again

congratulations @amalmez
you deserve it .

Congratulations @AmalMez !!

Congratulation on your success @AmalMez.

Congratulations to @AmalMez for winning such big contest.I am sure it will be big upvote.Where are you come and take upvote?Thank's to @babsboard for such exiting contest.images6.jpg

Hip hip hurrah for @AmalMez.Congratulations to @AmalMez for winning.congrats-wallpapers15.gif

wow congrates great job done ;) @amalmez <3


Congratulations @Amalmez ! Have nice day.

I make it for you sir.......
anyway Congratulation, sir......


Congratulations @amalmez :)

Congrets sir BabsBoard..We are deeply delighted to win you

Look forward to the next contest.

Such a happy and friendly community here.

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