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RE: Announcing the winner of the contest from issue 5 of @BabsBoard garage sale

in #norway4 years ago

Hi @babsboard and everyone!
Is it true?! I do not expect to find the right number of upvotes,
I'm really happy, I'm going to have a great night.


Thank you very much my dear steemit’s friends you make me the happiest

Best regards


Congratulations @amalmez
That was a pretty good guess you made there.
I will do this little danse for you too celebrate you:-)

What a wonderful dance @frufiffi it is very expressive lol 😆

Congratulations @amalmez! I'm very happy my little sister won the guesstimate contest! Well done and go ahead you are on the right path to the success in steemit!


Congratulations @amalmez,

I'm sure you did not give this number to chance, but you did a little study on the old contests and the average number of upvotes.

I congratulate you on your perseverance and your courage on the @babsboard garage sale page.



Thank you dear friend @aminekad!
Frankly yes you're right, I did a little analysis of the old posts to give a good forecast of the number,
and I am happy to succeed.
I wish you the good luck for the next gesstimates
Best regards

Congrats @amalmez!

With knowledge in your hands and an open heart, you were sure to find success in your efforts. Congratulations Dear @AmalMez .


Congratulations to @AmalMez!!
May today's success be the beginning of tomorrow's achievements.


Congratulation to @AmalMez for winning this Contest.

Hope you win next time also.


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