Announcing the winner of contest from issue 2 of @Babsboard garage sale

in #norway4 years ago (edited)

We are extremely happy to announce that @pijon is the winner of our contest.
The correct answer ended at 113 replies, @pijon guesstimated 115 replies.

We are proud to see that we get so many comments and people who take a part in our Garage sale and enjoy our site.

We hope that you have as much fun as we do, both with bidding and buying at our auctions, selling your own stuff and participating in our contests.

As promised @pijon, we will give you some really good upvotes, all you have to do is make a comment to this post and you will get your reward (big Upvote).

Lionel Messi are waiting for your comment too give his signal to the people to come and give you Upvotes.

Remember too take a look at our Garage sale issue 3

Best regards @EveryDayCoach at @BabsBoard


Wow, i Win.I can't believe this.Thank you so much @EveryDayCoach at @BabsBoard for this honor.Following you since i joined @Steemit.
Thanks again for arranging the garage sale for us.

Thank you so much for these @upvote.

Congratulations @pijon and thank you @babsboard and @everydaycoach for your honest work.

I hope to be a winner soon :)

Best Regards @Redouanemez

congratulations to you @pikij
congratulations to you @pijon
success always to you @babsboard
and to all of us

Nice to see your post. its a good to see your content written!

Congratulations @pijon let me know if you don't know what to do with your winnings. I'm glad to help! :)

Congratulations you and your post is so grate

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