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RE: The Fourth Nonsense Writing Contest - Prizes Worth 25 STEEM - Ends Monday 2 March

in #nonsense4 years ago

If you now publish a post within a Community, that post will not automatically go out to all your followers. You need to go in your Posts tab and resteem yourself. Only then will that post also appear in your Blog tab.

That's what I call nonsense. Resteem yourself to be seen.

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And then resteems are often hidden by other users. Kind of defeats the purpose. But hey, lets really rape the rewards pool and do this cross-posting thing.

Haha we can try that and see if that's the benefit 😉

I've mentioned a few times about the nonsense that passes off as the reality engine.

We shall be locked up in the sanity asylum very soon.

There are days when I am convinced the real purpose of steem is to drive us all insane.

More so today - or yesterday - or even tomorrow.
Not just a timezone thing, just the slow eternity of of darkness...

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