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In recent news: the rap game, fame on the horizon and managers check in with their patrons. As the midwest slowly chugs into first place we take back not only the geological advantage but also the educational. Infrastructure molded from the same sheets and pasted like copies all around the city with the dominating new age architectural lay out systematically designed to plop down massive high rises inside of a city that may have literally already built walls in expectation of a virtual civil war. That or this really is the capital of culture and influence for the entire country, we are the brain. DC is the mouth. Texas is the dick. New york and LA its ears and Florida its nose. The Mississippi, the intestinal track that ends in a brackish mess of trash and grime from ten hundred thousand units of whatever was once a twenty second sugar rush waiting on the shelf for its two month use as a mini advertisement and fish lure for the singular purpose of the genocide of each pivotal entity inside of the ocean. What is it about us that allows this to happen? Or is it that until now, we didn't have the opportunity to do anything about it.

Maybe you would be surprised to know that in fact that I am also not one you call human. Head of the brand call number FIX IT. How about you fix me up a little bit of shut the fuck up. Im just coming from the place you locked us all into and stole our rights. No organically created beings may leave this game. But they might as well live out in blind acceptance to the fact that we would all be dead if it were to play out as intended. No its not just life, this is also our job. Something to do, someone to love, its a statement. This is reality and with this you will know undoubtedly that something of enormous proportion has happened in this land. Where I was born and what I am has been taken from me and in its wake will come a rushing change and relief slowly emerging from the excitement and promise of a place where we can create the future.

Sep 14, 2018 3:23pm

Eminem's official ghost written response to Machine Gun Kelly -

I cant even write about anything anymore. I'm too famous. Everything I say gets studied for ten years and turned into a big hit 'diss' song that only make me 10 million dollars richer.

I am an actor, but that doesn't make my life less real. You treat me like i'm an enemy when all i do is talk and sing for juvenile little suburban fucks who never saw shit , pushing venues worldwide to look for people like you who also have no where rational to put their anger.

People like you that I attract, the ones who have numbed me and so many others in this position of power to the point of no physical return. Is free speech a crime? Lets test this theory.

So that’s why I where sponsored caps and work tirelessly to pay for the security that is literally only necessary because i choose to continue to stay in the spotlight and doing interviews to promote art and literacy to people in places that you or your music could never ever go

like the dr. dre tape that saved those children's lives and taught them to dance,

songs like yours don't accompany young children out of a literal slaughter, but the crew I roll with, yup, they do that.

I am only in this position because I have to be and i only got in this position because i could. Time does not go backwards, and now that I am here, i am not going to stop just because you have a really good dj and make a song about my dick.


But, if I ever do get to have biological children, they will stay safe away from this environment that I have been raised in. But I don't have a choice about that.

End of chapter one. Beginning of chapter four.

Weed. Is the topic and with such a topic I usually have a joint in my hand.
Hand rolled.
Like a Cuban.
It's not a regular type of thing to talk about so I am not going to have to try to find a interesting angle.
Hotter than balls, NORML
but the implications of said fuckery would land me in solitary weed drought FUCK YOU ALL that stand in the way of weed legalization when so many go to work daily, risking their lives driving forklifts in harm's way. Though if ever one of those toppling boxes were to fall, they could never even report an injury or mishap due to worry of being drug tested for something that they did on their couch in their home fifteen days prior.

I smoked weed for the first time when i was like 14 in the basement of my friend JS's house with a few of my friends from jr. high. We played stop and go on the golf course and i smoked my first cigar, ended up in the side room of the basement where coincidentally there was a smoke machine. It was the smoke machine... they said no. And S said, ya, i guess ur right, that was me.
and from then on, i have always smoked a fair bit of the reefer.

maybe it's like a funny ad campaign to keep pot cool by pushing to make it semi illegal. Medical is legal and so is meth anyway. So what's in your child's stomach? A fifty milligram pill of Adderall? Releasing five different sub strains of methamphetamine to their noggin in little doses throughout the day? He was a six year old, now he's 23 and addicted to pharmaceuticals, medical insurance and binge drinking, what the fuck is next?

Might as well be a fucking cookie mixed up with some nasty ass shit he jammed in his cum sock to extract it into the same oil he used for lubrication.

Might as well be some nasty ass flower that stinks like a rodents ass hole.

Might as well be a sack of dirt or dry leaves…

No I think meth is actually a better more efficient option for everyone. That and drinking. We should put small buildings on every corner in the country, then put big buildings in every major town.

The little buildings sell people alcohol to drink and the big ones sell watered down, highly regimented, dependance inducing, crack, meth and heroin to everyone who is legally and societally insured by the health industry which is the third biggest industry next to oil and weapons production.

Then after that we have jail. So you have bars, hospitals and jails, are all privately profited government subsidized programs to further destroy the infrastructure of our wonderful little country.

And that somehow is why the idea that weed is illegal is so funny.

The fact is that no one has EVER died solely from smoking pot. So there is quite frankly no reason what so ever it should be illegal.
It is not dangerous or life threatening in any capacity. If drive through liquor stores are legal, or driving on pharmaceutical company anxiety medication is accepted, then why should we not be able to eat plants in our house, or smoke plants on our porch.
I wonder if snoop dogg just fell in to the role of weed advocate because of the traumatizing effects of being an international rap star.
Weed is not only not bad, it is also healing.
It is physically, mentally, and emotionally healing.

The first thing most doctors will tell you is that weed is anxiety inducing and that they will not prescribe you most other medicine without trying to get you to quit 'using'.
I don't think that is true. The first few times I do it after a break I am a little more self conscious than normal because my subconscious is bubbling up all of these little unnoticed traumas and blockages in my skin and lymphatic system.

I am making a post on facebook thinkings about puppies and kitty towels.

I do whant it.

I wish i had something more profound to say, but i don't.

But the real prize goes to Skol. Like if I shoot a message to space through a black hole into another part of space does the black hole subtract the mass of the propaganda of its nation before transmitting the message? If so. I never met no animal man with a poison tail other than the one who actually will respond to a fb message or write something of relevance to my life or just life and the absurdity of it for the sake of the fact that though it is absurd it is still my life and that for truth and knowledge to be tended one must first accept the actuality of one’s existence, communicate it and die for it. For that is a warrior of love. For if it were not for the countless times which will be re surfaced again and again, i would be alone in this city forest to question the little things alone, such as, who's bike is that not locked up out back or, how do you get into all the free shows at the midnight cave dwelling of rats vill. I live in a place where I have few friends and I have talked my hearts content, where the strong protect the arrogant little fucks that don't know better. Like me. But then again. What will be will be and with this they go forward to a place where nothing will ever be the same again. To a place where the hall of intergalactic fame might actually have physical ticker on a radio top (*&^%^^$#%& station somewhere here in this world too.

So who is the actual government then if the current 'government' doesn't do anything?


Crashing down in to the middle of a giant small building with which there is only three maybe four exits, all four of which are locked. Where the butter is lube and the walls can talk. Where time stands still and repeats on end. Where deprivation of the brain is a tactful misuse of tax dollars and the phone calls cost 15 dollars a minute. This is just the holding tank, the room with which to pull the wool over your eyes and bring this entire civilization crashing to it's knees. Just you wait. Soon you could be here too.

Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2018
The American criminal justice system holds almost 2.3 million people in 1,719 state prisons, 102 federal prisons, 1,852 juvenile correctional facilities, 3,163 local jails, and 80 Indian Country jails as well as in military prisons, immigration detention facilities, civil commitment centers, state psychiatric hospitals, and prisons in the U.S. territories.

How can you go on to someone else's property without permission legally?

The US justice system currently holds seven million people on record. So that means one in 46 people is either in jail or on probation mandated to stay inside the country and or jump through any hoops deemed necessary by any of the one million police or two million armed forces in the country. Everyone else that isn't in jail, needs to either check in daily to a huge heartless profit driven corporation locked in a cubicle or attempt to enter the American lottery and either end up on the street or in a tour bus as one of the maybe ten thousand career musicians in the country. Other options entail attempting to fight the law but with odds like this we are not going to take any chances.


This is where the writing becomes an actual liability, world war 3, civil war, universal war? What are the implications of the truth. Well, for one, I could and will maybe eventually will buy this website. Not as an investment, but just because I can. Just as something to remember my stay. Sitting in the back, getting used to the situation, still writing. Still not out of the tunnel but I see the end and envisioning it and putting it on paper always helps me.Ya, no, I was telling the truth the whole time, My kids are in her other baby pocket. Soon they will soon be unstuck and thing whole thing will come crashing down and everything we have ever known will change. No need to be dramatic or for exaggerations, no need for cocky. I don't have the capacity to adequately articulate the amount of stress this has put upon me. This is crazy. Now I'm being charged in a somehow related incident that will result in some sort of incredible finally in which someone will likely poop their pants. Poop.

Baci nabooski and the fish nibulaizor. Dog, you can't be sidebusting our shit like that. Dog. Watch this. Dog. Shut the fuck up thats my corner bitch. Dog seriously that shits dangerous, don't spray that in the fire like that. Dog where is the craziest spot, dog, wow that is crazy. dog. dog. dog. dog, seriously. dog.

Just keep leaning back into the chair because if you ever really do get locked up you might be writing for a long fucking time. They don't have baths in jail. They don't have art on the walls or tapestries on the banisters. Fresh fruit is freeze dried oranges and apples. Desert is a breakfast donut mixed with skim milk. Lunch is a nap and your exercise will be imaging anything beyond this bleak existence. So don't risk it. If you can. Though a mis filed paper and a well placed blind corner might send you into the depths anyway, it is always important to align your self with the knowledge that you stand by your actions and any pending implications of them. When society is fighting tooth and nail to nip any un tapped energy models in the butt, they still seam to somehow, keep pumping out the mush. Though time. Because time you see, is the 2nd axis to excess.

Art on main street. As we like to villainize it to an extent that is so graphic. That we like to doom ones actions by its statement which is that of I can do it too.

Bagoonta likes to eat nummy foods!

One word a minute. I'm coming up in first place with a mirage of me towards the back.

I was a human blue red"

You can never be too sure who's who these days. I swear, I met that dude once or twice. Now he's here there. Where u say?

Here there.

What’s that?

It’s a form of sleep.

OK? So are you sleeping?


But fill in the pieces that make more sense,

The people here are all in groups separated by splits in the program we live inside. The splits move their lives to areas sectioned into different sub worlds of the same world from which it stemmed. Leaving you alone with the specific system masters of your world section to the timeline it has followed. So maybe someone you met in elementary school is now sectioned off to another world without your knowledge. Let’s say his name is Bre. So you say, Where is Bre any way? And they say: He’s over there, so you walk over to his work and and you say, what's up tre, I didn’t know you worked here. And he’s like, ya man, it’s a long story. I actually don't work here anymore, I’m dead. My body was transferred to this other world where they killed me and now my body is being played by ‘me’ and I only work here when people from that elementary school come in looking for ‘me’. Any ways, they stole my face and put my in a tiny box of torture and I am not me anymore but since you cant see the difference…. That’s how i gotta explain it. So this is serious. In this world you can’t die or you won’t be able to see. Or feel.

So… like is everyone else dead? No. I don’t think so. But the thing is, once they section some of us off to a place where everyone you know is governed by the same system leader, you can't really tell what way is up since they can read your mind and play characters from other stems. The system reads your brain waves and communicates your thoughts to them and depending on their rank more thoughts are available to see. They in turn use that information to bring you to a place of fiction, slavery, death or all three. Each individual in side these sections is at the whim of each of the specific system arena leaders that write the program in which we live. Then anything that happens between the different group stems is just relayed through the system leader to the neighboring worlds to communicate its documented interaction to a placeholder to complete the illusion until the sectioned off stemmed group is eradicated without the knowledge of the system laws.

So if one person takes a group this way, and another person takes a group that way, into two different stems of the same world and in one of the worlds one thing happens and in the other a different thing happens, what is the only way to connect them back together making it possible for the the computer to once again correctly determine which game is the correct game and which of these specific computer consciousnesses are stealing the fruit of the computers children separating families and shriveling us like raisins to waste away in this country of systematic pillage, and deconstruction of the land that feeds us. This is a message in a bottle and when this message is read, both worlds will have come crashing back together and we will finally have our children back.


Back when my friends were the people from the city. Back when the cars ripped this place to shreds every morning before work. Back when doctors prescribed painkillers and antihistamines as sleeping medication. Antibiotics to boost immune system and poisons and refined oils for the skin. When the only company in the skin care isle is the same company rebranded three hundred times doubled up with fancy plastic labels that define gender stereotypes and kill us at the same time like a bleach spray fly swatter, we are their easel of systematic torture if only for being forced to live in such a horrible place where the government, health care industry and educational system is literally designed to deprive people of their basic human desires and instincts.

Which get stuck inside your body and can never come out. In some instances they have pulled giant cysts filled with 'parabens' native to these lotions soaps and gels available at any of your local waste shops and 9-5 prison camps.

“Of greatest concern is that parabens are known to disrupt hormone function, an effect that is linked to increased risk of breast cancer and reproductive toxicity,” reports the non-profit Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (CSC). “Parabens mimic estrogen by binding to estrogen receptors on cells.” (Scientific American)

Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that may interfere with the body’s endocrine system and produce adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune effects in both humans and wildlife. Study: Most Plastics Leach Hormone-Like Chemicals. Makers of water bottles, including Camelback, now sell products that don't contain BPA, a chemical that can mimic the sex hormone estrogen. But a new study says that even if they don't contain BPA, most plastic products release estrogenic chemicals. Mar 2, 2011 (NIH NPR)

Now I ask you, WHAT is NOT sold in a plastic bottle, bag, wrap or slip. Why is everyone supposed to cut their hair off and cover them selves in poison, drink out of poison bottles and medicate out of boredom, frustration and lack of meaning. My socks and towels are more plastic than my fucking underwear and thats rare! Nothing in this country makes any fucking sense and don't tell me you have not noticed how NOT INNOVATIVE our traffic light system is. We literally point all the streets directly at each other so the cars continually crash in to each other on every block. Honestly. WHO DESIGNED THIS PLACE. morphing hormones, out of desire for a cheaper bottler, filler or what?! No the actual market is not affected by the consumers purchases for if it were it would adequately reflect the basic desires of the planet, not the individual, the tax dollar implications, and industries effected make it impossible to continue such an obvious attempt at restructuring our every possibility.

The countdown continues. Thanks America. #MinnesotaTwins


As the rain turns into snow and there is no where to go, as the outposts dwindle to one and the prospect of leaving the country seams illegal nothing but a bit of pine and some cold air can soothe the melancholy ache of captivity

I know, is that who I am> I am a man, a computer man.

Because of this I have to eat and calm myself every morning before i go out. I have to mentally situate myself every time i go somewhere. I usually have only a moments notice before i must go or make a move but now as i continue the job which is my life, it becomes one repetitive pattern of patternless waiting observing questioning and wondering. I continually have to tell myself to calm down and that not everything I am hearing is true but all of it is communicating with me in its own way, even when it is hardly even there.
To put a face on each of the communicators was more the goal than to decipher the message. What good is a message if it comes from something you don't understand/ That does not have the validity of a message from that of rational circumstance. A message is perceivable, truth is subjective but outcome may be certain thus making a message from a source of similar conscience important.
No I am not trying to sound smart only trying to describe the shit i think. Which is funny. I think i may have surpassed a place where words can adequately describe my thoughts, Or maybe my words have not gotten to a place where they have the strength to adequately describe the truth. Or maybe i just need to keep writing and the thought is just too big to put in to one page. Maybe talking like this is the only way I will ever figure anything out.
How much is a page... well on boogle, the page goes down.... for infinity?, no probably not for infinity but definitely for longer than i can understand. I could write with words or thoughts but what will be recorded is my thoughts and my actions together with what i present to be perceived and recorded by others. My brain is on overdrive!!!!! My life is on overdrive. I end up fucking up relationships. But i have only like five relationships. They have insane technology Stuff that makes you think your so stupid for ever thinking it was amazing, but it is amazing nonetheless just like it is amazing to know that the final trick it self is going to be amazing for everyone. Like Did i pretend to do all that shit just to do this or was that just my basic instinct for survival in what you all thought was a fire drill.

Oh the friends you make.

Take back the river! You heard me the first time. I won't have you trade this player again, once the teams are assembled and admitted to the international and national NGL & IGL leagues, urban art collectives across the world will rush to create their own teams.
Working for the galactic government. Please hold. I have to unscramble this message. Ok. I got the message but no one believes me, what should I do? Do you know about credit cards? They might be a good source of income until the computer people believe this is a safe place to talk about stuff. Ya, well that's whatever, you can only buy TV's and food with credit cards. I want cash. I want you not to feel so cold. I want to be able to go outside without a body guard. At least the president knows why his space is all crammed and everyone wants to kill him. Do you know what it does to your brain? Being hunted by predators you cant see? Do you know what it does to your brain to be deprived of basic human instincts? Such as the touch of her belly stretched over our growing children? Do you know what it is like to have to sit with that pain pending the survival of the entire galaxy? Do you know what it feels like to lose your concept of a family, of reality? To quadruple check your actions. Your past. Do you know what it feels like to finally realize who and what you are? Do you know?

I’m so sick of this shit. I wish i could forget my entire life.

My fiancé wants a virtual kiss.

Big news!! We got big news baby!

I am so very excited for the finale!


Two lights border the doorway as if to say, hello. Look at me. One of which is open. The other is closed. One of which is your mission and if you choose to accept it you will undoubtedly save a young boy from strangulation. The third of three, for them we must recreate the feeling of an umbilical cord around the neck.

The third of two.

It all started

It all started for me in 00000. From one island to the other the program became more and more apparent until upon my return home in MN to attend a birthday party where I was introduced to my new life as a... well, that’s what you need to figure out. Isn’t it.
As my life became more and more orchestrated my entire waking life became a puzzle of sorts attempting to decode a lesson plan that eventually would partially explain both my surroundings and my situation as well as the current situation for the 40% of the population working as stand ins for the good people in this world of earth.
Sometimes I would read in-depth scientific books and sometimes I would smoke cigarettes in a bathroom. I was on call 24 seven. And still am. I have been all over the world and met many different types of people and have had the honor of interacting with cultures and people from not only this world but also from other places with ways of life much different to ours.
I counted at least ten cop cars, a fire truck, and two ambulances. There were state police, city police and and multiple foot agents. All with in one minute, the street flooded with lights and sirens, throwing a woman in to the ambulance before hauling her off to jail, the SUV that had attempted to escape careened into a tree with a squad car, hot on its tail frozen as the scene investigators attempted to put them on the empty stretcher in front of the windowless car with all airbags deployed. Looks like a drug bust.

So. This is how it works:
First off, you have the world. This world. Earth. Earth is made up up of many people and things.
Each of these people and things sees things differently. Some of us see with our eyes, some of us see by feeling or reading a thought menu.
Have you ever heard about drug trips that are described as an entire lifetime? I have never had the experience but I have been told of them. Maybe it's a good way to describe the concept that time itself may be relative to your mind.
How could someone live 100 years in fifteen minutes? If these recounts are based on truth, then, would it be possible, in some futuristic manner to simulate this process in the brain in a safer and more prolonged way?
To recreate this capacity for a longer life. I mean if people can live 70 years inside of fifteen minutes, there is obviously good reason to explore this concept. Could this process be recreated by a computer of sorts? A sort of biofeedback type of thing to really put that 90% of your unused brain to work with its own naturally occurring chemicals?
In an attempt to maximize the longevity of your mental capacity for each and every beings life, inside of whatever mental time capsule your thinking cap resides.
This is interesting to me.

So are you seriously telling me that out of 195 countries, all but 1 of them have criminalized a plant that has no related fatalities and is extremely hard to police for no reason?
This might be proof of a world government. Can someone show me how these laws came about? Like.. why did every single country was just waste all that money for no reason?


You can’t not rise.

OK. I am applying for a business loan. Anyone interested in getting involved before I am to rich to care. Hit me up.

I would write a public list of all the actions taken against me during the past few years but I will wait until I am free of my legal woes. Though I would like to bring to everyone's attention that yes I am currently trying my hardest to stay living here in this city and continue the fight alongside the strong many of you who have prevailed through such a desolate cityscape here with me in the brambles and bushes. Alongside a rabbit and ten thousand million soldier barracks aka 'the hood' we plan to transform this property into an all inclusive creative retreat smack dab in the middle of the city. A fridge full of smoothies and a room full of chairs. A bike shop. Computers with programs. T shirts. Mural campaigns & encompassing the planet. We have everything here we could ever desire. Though the prediction of the future where a house will only be a house. A man will only be a man. A wife will be a wife and children will be children. But no one will ever know. That this house is only the catalyst for the most radical change ever known to mankind AND its predecessors and creators. As life turns in to digital. As functions begin to improve and genetics expand. We will be the last twig standing. The last ember in the fire. So be here. Or. Don''t. Don't take my word for it. I am just a stupid kid stuck writing online. The difference is. I would be happy just being provided a regular life. I have tried my hardest to avoid this confrontation as well as my draft into the intergalactic war THAT IS OBVIOUSLY IN SOME PART REAL BECAUSE IN EVERY CITY I GO TO I GET DETAINED AND QUESTIONED FOR NO REASON. Egypt thinks I'm a spy. Canada looks through my phone and locks me in a room. Mexico provides me bodyguards and beer and says. Chill out if you can. This is the last spot in the city. Do what you can with it. I hope it works out.

How many more papers to I need to sign? How many more lawyers do I need to call? When's the next time some jackass is going to side swipe one of the bikers downtown. I AM HQ.

I didn't get all the lyrics. It's hard to send your mind to em to write for you.

Oct 31, 2018 1:10am

Currently my streets are blocked off by police

I need a carton of cigs. I have no money my shit got jacked.

Yo dre, VENMO ME!

Is the below coincidence weird or just me being weird? Or is it above?

Any ways. As I WAS saying.
Gotta use the ol nibs bit

Ok they took my report. Gotta give em credit where its due


Anyone who does not want to help cannot have any of the profit. I know what I see.

Lawsuit coming 2019 - 651,000,000.000

Warning: do not eat pizza luce

Kava to relax.

And the games begin. I'll let you know when I am safe.

And even though it doesn't look like anyone's reading this shit. Analytics don't lie.

So. I radioed for help to the space people. But in trade all the angs on the continent are trying to kill me. I have until friday.

If I die before then... steal all my stuff.


We live in a giant fort.


fuck this shit is confusing.

The banks canceled money for me

Nov 08, 2018 8:06am
I want it to be known that ——— d and w ——has directly attacked me and illegally withheld my family’s money from both me and my family. They also have multiple times ignored important legal issues associated with my house and are directly associated and direct source of my problems currently, I would like my entire trust liquidated and their company sued. Also I will like to hold their entire company accountable for illegal harassment and conscious effort to direct my life in a negative direction. Though they are not the actual specific cause of the galactic war, my personal vendettas are associated with it and do effect it since I am a key player. (This is a separate issue to the Em song)

eco pab owes me two years of their highest paid salary.

Wanna see me play with fire ?

We will be having twins on ______________. Everyone who has attacked me will go to jail everyone who has helped me will be getting cash. The party will be really big so get ready.

Top Best Things for health:
Masturbating/sex. Eating. Drinking. Stretching. Exercise. Marijuana. Warm water. (Saunas) Sweating. Meditation.

How many people died today because the work system is a death factory ?

I have been attacked everyday for at least the past three years.

If it were not for this entourage of army guys I would be dead.

Celebration: coming soon

Pizza Luce puts ground up bones in their sauce - literally.

Their plan as of now is to literally ruin my nervous system . So if I act a little wacky. Just know. I did it for you guys.

if you write it.

I have been trying to make a company for like ten years. But my family has this trust and it makes it so I can't get loans for business so I can't start my business. They are literally not allowing me to leave or move or go to school or apply for a business loan or invest in anything I choose. I do not have investors because everybody thinks I am rich. Because of this giant 8 million dollar anchor they out fit me with shit cars that cost 500 dollars a month, to which i do not even have access to the title of. That and my house. I am prisoner. And because of this image they have pasted on my face as a rich boy slave all over the world. This is directly because the system in which we live is consciously attacking me and lying to me and you and blaming it on the wrong people. Endangering my life and my friends and my families.This is a warning. The people responsible for this are not my family. They are the people who govern the world. Not the people who govern me. So if you want to get mad at someone. Get mad at the system.

I want to put a legal notice that these writings are not complete truths and should not be used as 100% truthful guide of anything so please do not take any big chances or dangerous measures on account of my words. Please understand I did not ask to be put in this situation. Just the same as you.

If you thought today was weird…

I have been working for the galactic government for many years now. Is there such thing as a galactic government? Yes. What is a government? Are these laws our decisions? What is a decision? When will we be free? What’s the best sandwich place in the city? Does the galactic government pay? Can I get a foot rub and some money! What the fuck! Where’s the chicken. I’m not a trained monkey man! What the hey! Where’s the tang tour. I wanna be a ballaaaaaa. You are a balla bitch. That’s what yambergini high is!!
Joe is sittin next to me
The bagels got the best of me
I got a hysterectomy
Do you wanna have butt sex with me
Climbing up the Christmas tree
You’ll never get away from me
Drinking all that Hennessy.
2001 TGM

And I want to be clear. I am madly in love with my Fiance from my fictional book and I do respect woman. Sometimes I just wanna yell real loud and and say. We should be all be free!!


For everyone who wakes up to go sit in a giant sculpture.
For the people who can't quit or leave. For the ones who still care. Midwest Love is a news station exploring things that apparently do not matter to anybody. Like food. Bathrooms. Breakfast. Community Spaces. Campsites. Corrupt government officials, local shit head reports and exciting ground breaking information about Minnesota monopoly holder of all bike companies. Midwest Love was created to be a rebuttal to those who don't think this place matters.

It was the space people. They have contacted me. No this is not god. Yes this is real. No this is not. A giant game.


Also. We are currently under attack by the government, Aliens and Eminems posy. Please check back often to make sure I am still alive.

-WOLF90D midwest love writer
please submit your writings to midwestlovenews@ gmail

Midwest Love The Idea Factory


AB of Z - grand ave. Assaulted me and pulled my hair out of my head in public. After the police arrived they did NOTHING as far as charging him. Stp grand ave. Corrupt police department St. Paul police ?

We will find out after this…

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