Attacked On My Walk Home

in nonfiction •  7 months ago

The wind gusts were faster than usual that day. The bursts of mild air grew cold as they whooshed below the leaves of the already-swinging-low-sweet-willow-branches. That’s where it happened.

There at the crosswalk by the tree in the middle of the road that leads to home. The sound of children would normally fill the air but it was Saturday.

No school meant emptier than usual sidewalks.

The backpack on my shoulders felt light where it was excessively heavy just 30 minutes before. At that time it was filled with a collection of beautiful stones and gems I had spent my life gathering and it was such a hefty load my shoulders were sore from the walk I had taken to meet the buyer.

The lighter, less painful back pack had in it only a few pieces of paper. 22 pieces to be exact, all 100 dollar bills, symbolic of the past due bills I would finally be able to pay. The rent that would secure my home for another month, or two. The food that was to fill the empty pantry. The happiness it was to bring to my eleven year old.

All of the solutions were in those 100 dollar bills. I was walking briskly toward home, excited to finally bring relief to a stricken household when the nightmare that has been my life this worse.

Nice back pack a young male said from the window of a piece of crap car whose make and model I didn’t take a mental note of. I wish I had notciced what car it was. The driver said some crude words and I could only hear Come on man, get that.

It was blurry then. I started walking faster almost running. The car door on the passenger side swung almost as violently as the hand that swung at the back of my head in that few seconds.

Pain surged to my shoulder and I escaped what felt like an attempt to pull me into the slowly moving vehicle.

I darted to the center of the road which was a roundabout - to my disadvantage. I stumbled and caught my balance then I felt hands grabbing me around my shoulders. Another hand was slicing with a tiny sharp object I now realize was a razor blade of some type. My purse flew into the gravel about 10 feet away but my attacker was ripping at my hair and grabbing me with only the intention of taking the backpack.

location bitch is what I think I heard the driver say.
The attacker slapped my head from the back with a sickening strength and I fell to the asphalt and on my way down my head hit the curb, and all I could do was lay there. Shocked and watching as my assailant rolls me forcefully to my stomach, my legs on the street and my upper body in the gravel. My backpack was snug to my shoulder and he struggled to remove the left strap.

I felt a foot in my shoulder blade and he stepped on me, with more weight than I could bare and I groaned. It was the first sound I made in 15 seconds.

The attacker had ripped my backpack off and was already in the car and they were driving away with the door open, and I sat up in the road. Just stunned.

I felt my arm, it was bleeding in a straight line - a razor slice. I touched my hair - it had prickly pieces of a dried desert bush from the ground tangled up in knots.

I cried loudly, sobbing as the fog lifted and reality sank in.

They stole my only solution. They stole from a mother whose child was only up the street at their home - just another 2-3 minutes walk.

The very same road my child walks to school on...I will never feel safe again.

I will lose all of the things I was saving that day.

This is what happened on my weekend.

Bad weekend. Bad year so far.

What keeps me from giving up on life is that I think they wanted to kill me. I think they wanted to put me in the car and Who knows what else would have happened.

Now I am scared to go outside to check the mail.
I have nothing left until ... until when ...

I sold my most precious belongings to get the money to pay the bills just in time to stop eviction. Just in time to prevent Water and electricity from being turned off.

Now, it’s all going away. I can’t believe it.

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Best of luck for your current situation. I have also have my own issues to content with. Life is not always easy but things get brighter if we always stay positive. Thanks.

Oh my! You passed through these and standing tall?
This is nothing but uncommon grace.
Brings uncommon favour.
Please dont give up.
The darkest time of the night is about an hour to morning.
It is not over. It cant be over for you.
I stand with you.
Cheer up daughter of Zion and be courageous.
You are better than all of them.
I pray the Lord makes a way soon


Yes, an extreme circumstance, but I am resilient. I am forced to think hard on a solution while at the same time feeling super scared still. It was frightening. I lived to tell you all about it - that is a blessing.


Please tell me...that this is just a story...
I just can't take it...if it's this can't be real:)
How can such bad thing can happen to good people like you???No way!!!


Unfortunately this actually happened. I am still trying to get my thoughts together on the matter. It’s today that I face the real problems that come with it all.


How much did yo lost???

What a heartbreaking story.. Inside job?


I wish I had not thought the same thing. The thing that made me think it was random is the buyer suggested I go to the cops - first thing when I told him. And he expressed willingness to talk to the police if for some reason they want to speak to him.

I feel so sorry after reading your story :(. Why do people hurts others and always thinks does thief has forgot that one day they have to die, or either one day they will be killed. I still feel so sad for you.

Sometimes not during the days that run like we expected, the obstacles and obstacles often come bother,
Never fear evil, for goodness will always prevail.

this is real story i think.
i know this is real, and... i feel bad, to bad.

Keep spirit @lori,

Sure, i am miss you :-) .


I can't believe it. I thought America was safe compared to our third worlds. Did you report the incidence? I hope the assailants get nabbed and you get your hard earned money back. I hope things turn out good for you.

Between I didn't knew that you were struggling with financial issues. Nothing invested in cryptos? You write so well, but you aren't getting the support that you should get here. Hopefully Steemians notice your skills and give you the upvotes you deserve.


Yes, it was reported. I am lucky to be alive. It was the last bad day I allowed my life to have. I had so many bad days In a row I had become used to it. Now I literally denounced sadness for a while and commanded happiness to come back to me. It’s on its way. ❤️


I really hope and pray that now you only meet good days ahead.