Drawing Contest for the NON ARTIST #1 - Mika's Entry

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@jacinta.sevilla launched a call to action for stick figure artists or non artists. Since my daughter is taking up an interest in the arts and we have our weekly Art session for her Art portfolio, I showed her the steps and she took the challenge for the non artist eagerly.

Warm-up with Lines and Shapes

The first step shared by steemit artist @jacinta.sevilla in her post is to fill boxes with patterns of lines and shapes. 

Mika loved it and you can see she got crazy with the patterns until the last rectangle was filled.

Shapes and Shading Exercises

Next in the warmup are creative shapes and learning about the types of shading wherein Mika espacially took a liking to light and dark shading. She practicrd a bit of control in holding her pen as she varied from light to dark. Before I knew it she filled the page with numbers and shapes.

Application / Final Drawing

We chose to do a mandala just because it was her element and finally she would be able to make her own patterns and not just coloring in a printed mandala or one taken from a coloring book. 


As @jacinta.sevilla included in her post,


"Every child is an artist, the problem is to remain an artist once he grows up" 

- Pablo Picasso

Here's to our little steps to the road to creativity for this little one's mind.

Also posted on luvabi.com.

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wow awesome


Thanks for dropping by.hope you enjoy your day!

Great job Mika! We also do arts once a week, we'll have to do these exercises! 😉


Yep it is very similar to her art exercises wherein she had to distinguish curved and straight and crooked lines. Great guide by @jacinta.sevilla for studying artists.

Wowwwwww unang tingin ko sabi ko
Napaka artistic at ang ganda ng pagka gawa ni @luvabi
Awwww tapos daughter mo pala gumawa! Wow
Im even more surprised!
Amazing art. She has potential.
There's an artist in all of us.
I take her as a good example. We all start with the level of children, its up to us to make our talent/ability more developed.
Thank you for joining. Winners will be announced today!
Stay tuned


The guide was easy and she followed it religiously. Its just a challenge for me to teach her because I don't really draw. Thanks so much for the guide/warmup exercises she learned a lot from it.


awwww yes basics sa fine arts class namin :D
<3 great team work! ongoing na ang judging!

Ang galing nman. :)


Thanks Tita Zara!!!

Love the idea of drawing lines and shapes... Will let my girls know this and see whether they will love this idea or not.


I hope they will, it was a really easy guide by @jacinta.sevilla. :)

:) wow. what a good artist!


She's studying hard ;)