Going south

in nomad •  9 months ago

image Well I loved Jemezspring Springs but the spring snow storms was a little much for me. As usual my copilot's love it. So I decided to head south for a couple of weeks and check out Carlsbad caverns. And of course about half way there I found a spot just off the highway to stay a few at Brantley Lake. image image After a good sunset and a GREAT sunrise I decided to push on to my goal of going to see the caverns. Well I made it about 10 miles and stumbled on a spot on the Paco River and had to stay a couple days. image image After a good day of fun with the dogs and a few pictures of some surrounding scenery. image image Just goes to show that with a little effort you can find cool spots and effortlessly fill a day with adventure. But now it was time to relax and enjoy the view as the sun goes down on another great day. image

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Looks nice man. Dogs are loving it. How do you find it traveling with dogs in your vehicle? I want to get a dog, but just have my car now. I'd probably need a bigger vehicle. I've seen people doing it with hatchbacks, but haven't seen it with a sedan yet, haha.


It's not easy but they do give you company. The car is OK as long as they have room to sleep but the main thing is the food. I have had to go without a couple of times to make sure they had food and water. It's like a kid you can't take into alot of places like stores. But to me the trade is worth it


Ya, there's a lady around here I see in Starbucks regularly who has her dog registered as a service dog so it can go in places with her. She's also the one living out of a hatchback.