Video Editing on a Smartphone

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While living nomadically out in the wilderness I use a Smartphone for everything I'd normally do on a computer, including hardware intensive things like Video and Image Editing. In this video I show some of the hardware and apps that make this possible.

Pixel 2 XL:
iClever Keyboard:
Logitech Mouse:
Phone Holder & Light:
Defender Pad:
Anker Solar Panel:
Anker USB Battery:

Video Editor:
Video Screenshots:
Image Editor:
Image Text Editor:
Open Source Camera:


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does the smartphone have to have large RAM?
I want to use a video / image editor for the purposes without using a computer.

I imagine that RAM is an important factor, but I'm not sure what the minimum requirement is. Mine has 4GB of RAM and processes the videos fairly quickly.

Well done Cahlen,
what kind of screen recorder did you use to show the Kinemaster tutorial ?
did you use
DU Recorder ?
Or what do you prefer for good recording ?

Many thanks.
P.S. Kinemaster looks really good.
Could you please show how you can handwriting drawing over a video ?
Many thanks.
Regards, Stefan.

Good guess on the DU Recorder! It seems to do a good job.

I'll make a video soon diving into the individual functions like handwriting. Thanks for the suggestion!

Yes I am very interested in the handwriting function, as it is very hard to do in other programs, if you don´t have a special plugin for this...and also it always looks so nice, if you use a cool old style handwriting font...
Is the handwriting also implemented in the PC version of Kinemaster ?

The handwriting feature is more about drawing letters, lines and shapes manually over the top of the video, it doesn't use fonts. Is this what you were imagining?

I'm not sure if the PC version has handwriting since I have never used it.

Great advice,

I can vouch for the anker solar panel and battery as being solid products too!

I'm so going to use my phone for a future video or two... maybe a long walk's in order in a few weekends time!

So you must upload using 4G I take it?

Yup, I upload over 4G. I have an unlimited data plan from Verizon which never slows my speed even though I use 200gb+ a month.

I'm linking forward to those videos of your long walks! Do you have something you can use a selfie stick?

It's all on the cards, although I need to get a new phone first..... which I've been holding out doing for as long as possible (something I generally try and do as much as possible, I think I have the oldest Garmin in existence, do you think 2 GB of ram would be OK for videos?

While the walks would be long, I'm going to aim to keep all my videos under 5 mins, ideally under 3. I just like short form.

Where abouts in the U.S. Are you - I'm guessing somewhere SW judging by the landscape? Good for solar if that's the case.

I can't say for sure whether 2GB will be able to process videos, but I'd guess it can especially if you're videos are short.

I'm in New Mexico along the Rio Grande at the moment, and yup, tons of Sun to power my devices!

As soon as I get a firm offer on my flat I'll get a new phone and let you know how it goes (well you'll be able to see for yourself I guess as I'll upload it here!)...

I did my year abroad in Albuquerque....back in 1995-6... I totally ran out of money at the end and had to spend a week in the Sandia's with a few packets of Ramen to see me through until my flight back. It was actually quite pleasant, before mobiles, love the high desert.

Sounds like e an amazing adventure! I'd love to hear about it if you're ever looking for a good video topic.

Cheers, a video on a historic topic, that's an interesting idea, but I'll probably stick the present though, plenty to talk about right here, right now!

Yes, I also have an Anker Solar panel, these are really great, but did not use them much, as I am not yet in the

Not "yet" in the desert? Does this mean you're planning to visit or move to the desert?

Well I am planning to live on a camping ground soon or move to Portugal and try to live at

Tamera looks interesting. Do they accept a lot of newcomers?

Don´t know yet, I have to visit them first and see, if that would be an option for me.. Anyway, how do you get things sent from
when you live outside in the desert ? Do you let it ship to the next local coffee shop or Motel and pick it up from there ??

I have a mailbox I rent in a central location of my nomadic area.

The quality you are getting out of such a minimalist set of hardware and software is amazing. One question: are just using the phone's mic? It sounds better than most phones.

Ya, just using the phone's camcorder mic. Pretty amazing what these little gadgets can do.

by the way, D-Tube still has problems playing videos... I did get the error with your video on D-Tube saying:
The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.
So I could only play it on Youtube correctly....
Any advice how to fix these DTube playback problems ?
I got these playback problems also in other DTube videos and I am using Firefox as my main browser on my Desktop PC...

Ya, DTube service has been spotty for me as well.

They seem to use a video player that doesn't work in all browsers, which means it's probably relying on a newer feature. Chromium on my phone won't play DTube but Firefox does. Is your browser up to date?

Yes, I am using the latest 64 bit Firefox 60.0.1 on Windows 7 64 Bit.
Have not tried it yet on my Android 4.4.2 there I have the D-Tube app, but it also has problems..
Have to get a better phone first, then I will report back...

Strange that the latest version of Firefox isn't loading DTube videos. Not a good sign for DTube, since Firefox is generally pretty up-to-date with new features.

I have the DTube app on my phone and it has problems too. I doubt it's due to your phone being old.

Yes, your newest Video with the rocket stove and breakfast is also not loading on Firefox.... By the way, did you encode this to 3GP in FullHD ? Maybe you should go with MP4.. ??
When I tried to load the IPFS stream, it started downloading the 500 MB File in the background and after 10 minutes, when the stream was loaded started up Windows Media Player and played it... So it is not streaming unfortunately...

I do encoder to mp4. Are you able to watch other people's DTube videos?

Yes, I can watch other videos.
I just read that you have to really wait a long time in the upload process with dtube, cause it has to be copied to other IPFS nodes... so don´t close your upload too fast...
Can you watch your own videos on Dtube ? Do you also upload them to DLive ? It has some nice animated GIF preview I am using in this moment DLive, but have only uploaded one video so far...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I always wait for my videos to finish uploading to IPFS before submitting the form. I also have my own IPFS Gateway which I pin my videos on so they never go away. The videos play just fine for me, faster than other videos in fact.

A lot of people are recommending DLive, but they're not really decentralized. They stopped using IPFS and just host the videos on their private servers. The D in DLive means decentralized, so it strikes me as odd.

Wow. This was amazingly informative. I want the whole setup. Bike and all. Well done! Subscribed.

mate this is really cool

I enjoy your energy man. Followed and looking forward to more. :)

Thanks for sharing very useful information with our Dtube community!

I like the way you explained in detail for our fellow Dtubers and future Dtubers

Hi Cahlen,
I played yeasterday with Kinemaster on my updated Tablet on Android 7.1 Lineage OS...( CustomRom)---
Well I tried the handwriting effect, but you can only draw on the tablet screen, but it can not draw the installed fonts, like handwriting fonts....It can only blend in each font letter after the other, but that does not look like handwriting....
Do you know any trick to really use the nice handwritings fonts with their shadow map and outline glow to be looking like handdrawn ?
Well, Maybe overlay a greenscreen and only erase with the handdrawing tool the lines of the letters that make up the letters and then use green screen stamping, so the letters will be blended it like a real handwriting ??
Also I had problems to render my test video.. I only used the free version to try it... I will now try Cyberlink director on the tablet, maybe that will work better...Anyway, hope you post more of the tricks how to edit videos on your phone. Many thanks. Regards, Stefan.