Tics, Tow Trucks and Bears (Oh My!)

in nomad •  8 months ago

It's been awhile since the last update of my journey back home to Washington state with my buddy Jeremiah the Nomad Man (@nomadman). Here's a quick video update on some of our adventures since you last heard from us.


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Damn ticks. That bear situation would not be cool, haha. Have fun heading north. What way are you heading into Oregon? Mt Shasta's cool if you're going by that way.


Secretly I'm already in Washington. I'm a bit behind on editing and uploading the videos. Don't tell anyone!


Nice, well I look forward to seeing what else you did on the way up.

Scary stuff! Must be really hot down there.

I'm way north and it's too hot up here.


It was really hot down in New Mexico and Nevada... up in the low 100s Fahrenheit! It's much cooler up north, maybe getting into the low 80s. How hot is it where you are?


Anywhere between 73-86 but today was really bad. Heat warning 93F.