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Interesting. I've never heard of that site. Thanks for sharing.


Pleased if it's useful. I'm the developer and it's pretty new.


really?! that's cool!!! congrats.


Doin' my bit 🙂

I figure that message about de-escalation and peace, learning the lesson, moving forward didn't stick at all nog. I'm really disappointed in you and hope that you can find some peace in your life.

Wow, and the threat is already posted :O
This is getting seriously hectic...



haha. who did this|?!!?


Hi , i made it . Made about 17 of those . You can check them out on my profile

i removed my vote from this post. I don't know the details of the drama's going on however I feel there is never a need to personally address people. For one the comic can be seen as funny, true. But the line under the comic i cannot interpret in any way as comic or humor.

Nonetheless i like most of your work, keep em coming, just felt i needed to share this lil feedback.


Not an issue at all @roelandp.

This post does tow the line a bit. Sometimes an idea pops into my head and I roll with it without giving much thought. Anyway I agree with you about the commentary and have edited.

Really appreciate the feedback


I love that you read a lot of what you upvote. or so it seems to me based on your comments at random times. Really respect that about you, man!

I don't know what it is but it is funny!

You need to update that last one. -5 now.


Another really cool and humorous comic post by the man named Brian!!

I didnt got it..sorry


@turledance24.....hihi same here. Have read it a few times already and I'm still like huh...?? Maybe that's the message...make you think :p

Fun! inspired me to make some arts!! check out a recent video.. you may like :)

This is more of an inside joke...most people will think it's about a dish made with noodles and octopus.


a dish made with noodles and octopus

Sounds tasty

Love the inside joke!

Sorry I don't get it, but it looks like funny though..upvoted and followed you anyway


I wanted to say pun but then. I remembered that there's a special place in hell for such people. No, Oh noo.

Nice picture

Nice Post !! Thankyou !! @

It happens to me All The Time
LOL :)


what does?


"It's happens to me" is why you need to invest some time and effort in being assertive, or you will always be a victim in life and never own up to anything you do, because it happens.

As you wish good day for steemit, it is very important for us. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post with funn.

100% Relate!!


Hahah you nailed the scammer :-)

haha nice, those -'s are adding up quick

haha i like it . iam foolwing you and please follow mw

Hello friend @mynameisbrian , great post, I congratulate you, thanks for sharing

really cool

These pics are cute and sure you are able t oget attention with them. good luck

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