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RE: Introducing The Redfish Power UP League and Wall of Fame – Are YOU up for it?

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Been on the platform for almost six months and our target has always been 500 SP and then we would be happy with anything extra. Why 500 SP? It is because of the voting slider. Therefore, we can vote more often for less voting power - spread the love to more accounts. We have 283 SP, so just over half way to go, so we'll be happy to join in (if we can) :D


Do you know I actually forgot about the slider. Good reason to want 500SP. I did hear before that some of the other apps have the slider before 500 but i am not sure which ones.

I have added your name to the list

Yes, ChainBB allows you to adjust how much you want to give without having 500 SP, but it's not our favourite interface at all.

Thanks for the add! :D

Condensers like and has a setting to enable a slider even if you don't have one yet since less than 500 SP.

The Esteem app also does that.

Although to be honest it makes sense to only have the slider at 500 SP especially with the bear market where value of the upVote is so less. Mine is at 50% of what it used to be. My 10% upVote now is just 0.01cents when before it would be at least 0.03 cents.

yes votes are worth a lot less at the moment and people do need to consider when they have low steem power, do they upvote as much as possible adding no rewards, or do they just upvote their favorite content giving a reward.

It seems people do that because on two posts where I talked about the dust threshold and the dustsweeper initiative people said that it is fine with them if their upvote on a comment is lost as dust because it is the thought that counts in rewarding comments on post.

I'd rather be pragmatic and if I have low SP I would go to a post of the person that left a great comment and upvote a post that I like and leave an equally good comment. Who knows I miight even get a follower if we build enough rapport.

I am very careful with my voting power and try to be above 70% so that my vote would have value. My way of thinking is not because I am selfish with my votes but rather I want to reward good content.

I usually have Steemnow or Steemdb up so sometimes I see people that have 15 SP and upvoting me with 15% voting weight, so they won't be getting any curation rewards. They also have a habit of running their Voting power ragged with it being in the 20-30% which I was also guilty when I was starting.

When I do give them advice about voting weight and power some take it, some dont.

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