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RE: Introducing The Redfish Power UP League and Wall of Fame – Are YOU up for it?

in #nobidbot2 years ago

All the best for this wonderful initiative and you can add my name in the list. As you said there is no shortcuts and I can say I am trying my bit to reach the target though engagements. But though I am not sure what is the succas rate weekly and hope this wiill help.

And I have only one concern that when there are so many people in this league how to get an information when they will post new blogs and when they comment.

Thanks for this initiative and stay blessed


with this we only need data on power up, which I will be getting from STEEMSQL.

Posting and commenting and general engagement, if you are interested are covered on the leagues of excellence. Do check out the posts on @abh12345 account for a general league and my account for those that curate/post to the indonesian region tags

Thaaaanks for the information...I am already in @abh12345 league for 3 weeks...Is yours is same like it or different...Sorry I am very poor in such statistics so hope you don't mind if my questions seems out of bounds...

you are better to ask the questions than not ask :-)

Hahaha... I loved the reply...Maam

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