*Mushrooms And Cannabis* Symbiosis. {Indoor No-Till Field-Study.}

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Today I will begin a small scale field study on the effect of two different strains of mushroom mycelium on indoor no-till soil {for growing cannabis.}
Here is a beautiful specimen of an *Amanita Muscaria VAR. Guessowii. It's basically the same as your standard Red and White MARIO MUSHROOM with a different color. Yellow/peach.
Here is the second specimin of Amanita Muscaria VAR. Guessowii.
I cut the stem and cap off the soil and left the "bulb". this mushroom strain gets "jelly like" and mushy and hosts maggots to turn into flies. That's too complex to host in the soil indoors. But the Mycelium {mushroom roots} will be great for the soil!
I placed this beautiful baby Artist Conk Mushrooom with my {strawberry hitman} White seeds which may or may not sprout. I've placed Artist conks straight into compost piles and have them grow mycelium like crazy. so I think this strain is perfect for indoor No-till.
Big special thanks to @Ceattlestretch and also @hotsauceislethal for chatting to me about the details of what molds are safe to occur in no-till gardens indoors. Will report back in a week or so. :)


I have sooooooo much to learn. If I grab a big ol mushroom like this :20181008_165048.jpg
And stick it into my plants inside, good things will happen?

Awesome experiment, I look forward to future updates!
I do have a slightly on topic question for you though.
I have experimented a bit with growing mushrooms from pots of soil both indoors and outdoors with mixed results and rather than contamination I think that most of my failures have been because of fungal gnats eating the mycelium, do you have any suggestions on what I can do to keep them out or get rid of them without damaging the mycelium? So far I have tried cinnamon powder and misting with water mixed with lavender extract which works better than nothing but not by much.

Super cool duder! What are the effects of Mario Mushrooms? Super strength?