New Upvote Service "Nixiee": Delegate Steem Power and Experience High ROI.

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Hello! We are very excited to introduce Nixiee, a new and secure Upvote service.
Nixiee is a new type of Upvote service created by @bangla.witness and @roadofrich, the Top 20 witnesses of the STEEM blockchain.

Delegate your SP to @nixiee and get an Upvote of x20 or more everyday.

Nixiee's System

1. Upvote is provided once every 24 hours.

Don't worry about missing an Upvote. Through our website, users can see in real time when the bot is running.
Upvote works 24 hours a day, (UTC+03:00 (TRT). All you have to do is make one post within 24 hours at any time.

2. Nixiee provide Non-Post Rewards system.

If you are tired of posting every day, or if you cannot post on Steemit due to busy schedules or major events, don't worry.
Nixiee sends steem rewards for users who cannot post.

3. Websites to check the Nixiee bot

All users can visit nixiee's official website to check nixiee's bot information, SP delegate, and expected rate of return.

4. Follow Upvote Service

Nnixiee added a follow upvote service to give bonus upvotes to some nixiee users. Although it may not be a high SP, we want to provide some happiness to users using Nnixiee.

Nixiee's System To Be Updated

1. Over-delegation Rewards

Additional rewards are provided to users who delegate a lot of SP and do not receive more than x20 upvotes.

2. Blacklist

Nixiee supports the secure Steemit ecosystem. Users with problems such as spam cannot use nixiee.
(Blacklist registered in "Abuse Watcher" cannot use nixiee.)

3. Website revamp work

We are constantly updating our website so that nixiee users can use nixiee more conveniently. ( If you have any suggestions, we would be happy to listen.)

4. Minimum delegate SP amount

As nixiee's SP increases, there is a minimum Upvote unit, so we must set the minimum delegate SP amount.

How Can Nixiee's Vote Power Be Maintained?

Nixiee's service operators @bangla.witness and @roadofrich delegate more than 1M SP to nixiee step by step. We provide enough SP to nixiee and help multiple users get enough Upvotes.

Why Did We Develop Nixiee?

The reason we developed nixiee is to attract new STEEM investors.
There are already many good UpVote services on steemit. We respect their service and consider it great.
Our goal is to secure new investors, not to compete fiercely with other Upvote services.
When SBD is reissued, STEEM will offer a higher ROI and Nixiee can become attractive to several investors. @bangla.witness and @roadofrich plan to prepare for B2B, B2C promotional marketing and secure new investors.
We hope more people will invest in STEEM.

Nixiee’s Target

Nixiee’s first target is to widen the field of investment and encourage user to invest through delegation

Nixiee’s First Event

We are holding a new event to celebrate the arrival of the Nixiee bot.
Participants will receive 22x votes instead of 20x for the first 2 weeks.
Our users who join us and delegate Steem Power will continue to receive 22 times more votes during this period.(2 weeks)

Nixiee's Official website


Let's make Steemit Great Again!


It is a really great initiative, I believe it will be able to attract not only users but also investors.


Steemit platform is going to be good heaven for investment. This is a great initiative.

This is a good one, please what's the minimum SP I can invest in it

You must delegate more than 0.001% of nixiee's SP.

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This sounds like an interesting new Upvote service! It's great to see @bangla.witness and @roadofrich, two Top 20 witnesses of the STEEM blockchain, working together to create a new type of Upvote service. I like that Nixiee offers a non-post rewards system for users who cannot post regularly, and that the Upvote service is provided once every 24 hours. It's also nice to see that Nixiee plans to attract new STEEM investors and widen the field of investment through delegation. Overall, Nixiee seems like a promising addition to the STEEM community.

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