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So ive been playing this little gem here lately called stardew valley. The game is very similar to one of my all time favorites harvest moon. Who has definately lacked some good installments in recent years. At the begining of stardew valley you start off working for the terrible joja corporation. Finally one day youve had enough and you take off for the country side and take over your grandfathers decrepid farm. With crops to grow, animals to raise, fish to catch, and mines to explore and gather ore there are hours and hours of amazing game play. The game isn't the most exiting but thats not what this game is for, Its nice to take a break from the first person shooters and the action rpgs to just run around in a relaxing farming sim. Overall i have to give this game a 7 out of 10 for the great gameplay and relaxing atmosphere. The only detractor is yeah its a farming sim so you can only do the same things so many times before it does get kind of old. The game is very worth the 14.99 price tag it comes with


I was playing that last year. Always loved Harvest Moon but this is way better!

this is hands down one the best indie games and i am always playing it on my switch

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