Is your social media not producing results as expected?

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Create a confusion that drives the curiosity of your viewer. Sell emotions and psycology.

  • Curiosity by definition is a quality related to thinking inquisitively in humans and animals, featuring exploration, learning and observation.

In simple terms, curiosity is the state of wanting to know more.

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As a social media promoter or a business man/woman wanting to promote his/her business online, your content is meant to place a form of curiosity in the hearts and minds of your viewers, most of the time, curiosity comes to place when there's an important information to be discovered. This means you're given as much information as required to want to know more, this rule is what helps most businesses online to meet the right audience and get positive results from there.

Quick question before we go ahead, do you think your social media accounts are doing as well as expected?? If not drop your questions in the comments.

In this article, I'll be reviewing and revealing few secrets to gaining required audience online with a few steps, I believe the steps would be easy to apply.

To start with, before going taking stuff online, you have to ponder on what you want what you're about to post online, the questions you should ask yourself include:

  • What is my aim for putting this online?
  • What set of people do i want it to reach?
  • What results do i expect at the end of the day?

If you can't answer these questions then I guess you won't be getting the right results you'll need, since there's no aim for putting it up then there's probably no results either ways.

So lets explain the questions one after the other, but before we go on I'd like you to possibly take a pen and a not for better understanding.

Question 1

  • What is my aim for putting this online?

A lot of people just get up online with some graphics and text, with no quotient reason for doing so... I'd say it's quiet alarming because at the end of the day the pictures and text end up as junk, filling up servers with stuff that aint worth it. Anyways that isn't part of what I was gonna write here, just had to address it.

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Back to the topic, what is the aim for putting this online? This is probably the easiest to answer in the questions, why because every action usually has it's source from one reason or the other. For example the reason for puttin up this post is to educate the reader which is you on how to get the right audience for your social media posts. Bassically not knowing why you want to put up a post could be a waste of time and data. You should be able to write down two or more reasons for putting that item onlin.

Question 2

  • What set of people do i want it to reach?

This question is quite the thoughest in the group and this is because understanding humans can be one of the toughest job on the planet, a big kudos to Nigerians I must say it's really difficult sometimes hehe. Alright before you make a post about an item online, you must know the set of individuals that the item is meant for, only this way can they be reached. Take for example an advert for makeup kits, the expected audience is female gender between ages 16 - 40, this is because individuals in this age group are really bothered about how they look most of the time compared to the senior citizens of the country.

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That's for age group, under knowing your audience we also have the lifestlye of your expected audience, embedded in the lifestyle is likes and dislikes, level of simplicity or complexity.. People who are very simple naturally would prefer plain clothing to clothing with lots of color or designs. Understanding what your audience like go a long way in helping to curb the unwanted audience out. Another example is the purchase habits, while a few people would see really expensive stuff as original, others would consider them as extravagant and a waste of resource and would rather go for the moderately priced items, in this case advertising a porche carera to someone who is bothered about extranvagancy would be more like a wate of time.

Here's a few considerations under the type of audience:
a. Age
b. Value
c. Life Style
d. Hobbies
e. Purchase Habits

Question 3

  • What results do I expect at the end of the day?

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FInally after putting the afore metioned questions into consideration, you should have expectations for your post, in this case we are thinking of what we expect the viewers to do after viewing the post, do we want them to like and move on, visit our site, place an order or visit our physical location, or increase the number of followers. All these should be put into consideration as they are the determmining facto for a productive post.

I've explained in the simplest way I can, I hope you understood? If not, drop a comment and I'll repy ASAP.

Note: All these questions must have appropriate answers before you go ahead to post about an item else the ad would not produce the greatest of results, it might not even produce any results at all, in my next post I would be discussing about creating the best of posts for social media, until then I am Official Hord.

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