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Hi steemians. I know we all are eager to know what's packaged in this photograph.

But even a 1 year old child can Identify this food any time, any day.

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Nigeria's top consumed food in the world. It's made of cassava
You can call it cassava flour.

Garri in English dictionary is pronounced as /ˈɡari/

Other countries like Ghana, togo and Benin also eat it.

It can be using in different flour, Akpu and so on.

But I will talk on the quickest way to consume it.
It's called garri after passimg through the process of harvesting, pilling, soacking, grinding and flying (with or without oil)
With this process, it can stay for a very long time with the avoidance of liquid, moisture, sand or durst.

In my community, we usually call it garri flakes
It's used to fight hunger. Lolz. I mean it's just to keep our nerves calm before we prepare our main food.


It's eating with the combination of cold water with other varieties of choice like salt, sugar, groundnuts, milk, honey or you can eat it without these varieties.

It can be supplimented with other food like beans.

It's sold in every market and retail shops
It's cheaper to buy in smaller communities.

Thank you for reading. Kindly upvote, comments and resteem this post.

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GARI "Garium Sulphite", the best starvation calmer if there's food crisis or no pocket money while in the hostel as a boarding student.
Gari makes your pocket money last longer than Methuselah's age.
I was lucky to make "Gari Cake" with Milo or Bournvita (Cocao beverage) and some other ingredient... Hit me up for the recipe. Keep the flag flying

I tell u. You know some eat it for pleasure. Even both the rich and poor consumes garri in #nigeria

That is my meal lol

Hello. Please be conscious of the tags you use. The steemgigs tag shouldn't be associated with this post as the post is not offering any gig.

Ooh I understand. I will make corrections thanks @onequality


hahhahahhaha. we dey learn. Thanx for correction @onequality

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Thank you for your contribution

I think the word you ware looking for was honey. :) I'm using the free service grammarly for spellchecking. It sometimes tells you if you're using the wrong word.

Thank you correction made @pomperipossa

No problem! :)

Heheheheh.... The way i consume that food for school no be hear ooo.. Back then in skul we called it garrisson

What to do. Everybody run am

Two thumbs up my friend. Lovely