Our Nigeria: One In Diversity.

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In Nigeria you will find my mother’s tongue, crystal clear it is. My home is here, it is where I started my journey and is where I would be buried at the end of my journey. Nigeria I am. I am proud because it was where my life started.

source : Our Nigeria!

Yes, so today I decided to write that little piece for my country Nigeria, would have done it in form of poetry but am not a poet or maybe one of these days I will try. I took out time to study my country and I found out that Nigeria so far has been a country that is known for its rich culture, art and tradition.

Nigeria is blessed with so many talents, vibrant youths and good people. Nigeria despite so much of the things it has gone through still stands tall. Though we are made up of different tribes and cultures we still care and love ourselves.

In recent times we have faced a lot of challenges ranging from bad leadership and corrupt leaders, insecurity, embezzlement, unemployment, kidnapping and abduction, killings and invasion. So far the country has lost so much under bad governance and greed, our children have no assurance for youth and children.
source: terrorists invasion

I think of Nigeria as a place where life has been hard for everyone that we see suffering as the normal way of life. We have so much come to be so familiar with hard life that it has trained us to always be on our toes to making things better. The youth knows that they are no longer the leaders of tomorrow in governing and ruling the country since the corrupt old leaders are head bent on rotating themselves to eating the national cake alone.

Nigeria my country where everything goes.

Our government has infused difficulties as a norm and everyone is either panicky or desperate so they take anything that comes their way even if it’s not the best option for them. Inflation and high rise of food products as a result people are hungry.

They feed us with lies, we believe or not- anything goes. No one can stand up and speak because we are all scared of what will happen when we speak. Some weeks back, we heard of whistle blowers, and it became the trending job in Nigeria. Then it happened that a rat got into the president’s office to eat up some vital top secret documents. Not long now, we are on the issue of a snake coming into the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) office to swallow some tangible sum.

Funny right? yes, its because these people see Nigeria as a joke. But then whether we believe it or not we are used to Nigeria where everything goes. All the same we the younger generations should look past all these that frustrate and keep us at the edge. But here is the message.

We cannot turn against each other, we cannot slander or kill one another anymore. That is why we must try to help each other rise instead of trying to put one another down. Every day there is one report or the other of people dying in various states, killings and all. We do not need to get ourselves involved in all these messy things. We do not have to let these bad governments turn us into something that we are not and making us see each other as enemies. If there is anything, we have to fight bad governance and leadership.

Remember your first promise


Arise, O compatriots
Nigeria's call obey
To serve our fatherland
With love and strength and faith
The labour of our heroes past
Shall never be in vain
To serve with heart and might
One nation bound in freedom
Peace and unity. 

You pledged your allegiance.

I pledge to Nigeria my country.
To be faithful, loyal and honest.
To serve Nigeria with all my strength.
To defend her unity, and uphold her honour and glory.
 So help me God. 

We were called to defend these words till we die, and never betray the trust that our country has in us. But while others are defying there promise it should never be you.

We learnt the hard way- the Nigerian community.

That is why even on the steemit blockchain we do our best to help each other on here. Some are good with proclaiming the steemit gospel while others are on the charity department in other to help the poor out there; all of these are all steps to a better Nigeria. We believe that since we can no longer depend on the government for anything anymore, we can always create the society we need through decentralisation, so far I think we have found it on the blockchain.

We are after the betterment of one another because we have tasted how it is to suffer and be wronged. To be betrayed and not have anything to fall back to. But in all we have come to accept where we started from and hope to create a new place for us and the rest of the world because we learnt the hard way.

Finally, Nigeria is still our home, we are a part of the fabric Nigeria was weaved from. We still need the bond that has brought us thus far, let’s not allow the guys at the top destroy us by turning us against each other.
source: We still need unity

Let us leave them to continue to fool themselves by thinking they can mar our future or taking everything we deserve for a good life. Let them have everything, it does not matter. What is important is we putting our hearts to making and creating the new Nigeria for us and for everyone. This is what the world needs! Accept decentralisation. Accept blockchain. Accept steem.

Thank you for reading



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Some times the best and right thing expected from a good citizen of a country is to say good words about such country irrespective of the situation befalling such country and this is not an exception.

Nigeria is not only rich in culture but in everything you can think of in this world, the bad and good, so sometimes when you see good situation you will wonder is this not the bad or corrupt nigeria/nigerians you know, even the nigeria community on steemit is not left out.

Anyway, anywhow, anywhich way i remain a loving nigeria foreover

Citizenship is not about residing in a country is about loving your country no matter what

Nice one @gloglo, keep steeming

Nigeria is everything we hold dear to our heart. No matter where we are it's still our home. It's unfortunate that things have gone soar but qe have to fix it by our own selves. Thank you very much dear friend.

"unity in diversity" I see it a bedrock for national development,thanks @gloglo

Glad to see you here on this postthat @surfyog ent to me!

I am resteeming to help promote the Nigerin NGO and @xpency canhelp, and @steem4depoor with his Ghanian Steem NG, "Ghna Steem Blockchin Foundation" will be EPIC

we cn also have the Nigeri Steem Blockchn Foundation"
we can also just have the "West African Blockchai Foundation"

and nice @surfyogi even got the name @wafrica for us! We can have a serious account showing off al of our work, maybe we cn even have an form where you can submit your power, and we combine them ll into one big post that features all the top voted pots in our group or projects that are underappreciated or undervalued etc

I Upvoted all your posts 100%

and made sure to resteem this one AND I mentined you inmy bg comment responding to @sircork on @ned 's big update post, 9 I made sure my commentw as seen by everyone detailing ll the great work you guys in wet africa do ad ow you should really get some SP delegation from ned, it would make @ned n ANGEL to Africans! You guys would promote steem more than any traditional marketing campaign could do!

I appreciate your comment here. Out of so many ideas that am yet to figure how we would implement I think it's a gradual process.

I can see how you have been working tirelessly for @steem4depoor. @surfyogi pushes me from my comfort zone too.

Thank you for the resteem as well. @wafrica is another one by @surfyogi he never tire to want to change the world. Thank you so much @ackza.

@sourcehope is also on the way, that would be charity based and it Will kick start work as soon as possible.

I see it too my friend.

Gloria is definitely one of my favorite writers.
I think she really nailed this idea that there is much to sort out, first of all with our attitude toward others, and not making things worse than they already are.
And second, to not accept the status quo, and visualize a new better way, using new tools we create together.

Thank you very much dear @surfyogi. I know that we can change the world and you believe so much it gladdens my heart.

We cN do out quarter and watch things grow inro something great. Thank you for the support Always.

Hello friend, very good comment, always with a good thought, that's why I admire you. You are a great one of this great community. You support me if you can with a vote or a resteem. Greetings blessings.

Finally, Nigeria is still our home, we are a part of the fabric Nigeria was weaved from. We still need the bond that has brought us thus far, let’s not allow the guys at the top destroy us by turning us against each other

Thank you so much for being so patriotic. We have no other country and no matter how bad it gets, it is still ours. This understanding would make us strive towards making it a better place for us and our unborn generations. Thank you dear for sharing.

Thank you very much ma. The truth is no matter how we twist it we still have to save our Nigeria. Thank you very much ma

You are welcome dear


Let's represent this amazing nation of talented people. ✌️🇳🇬

I agree ☝

Nigeria, my country. Nigeria, my pride. You forgot to mention our humourous nature. We are blazing the trail in that department in the cyberspace.
and in greenrun's voice

100% unapologetic Nigerian

Hahaha. Unapologetic Nigerian! Where ever we go we trend, that is because we were made with leather not khaki. Lol

Thanks for taking time to put this together. I'd love to see more posts like this from other young Nigerians. We need to encourage and inspire each other to be patriotic citizens of this nation Nigeria.

Arise, O compatriots

great post dear lovely friend good writing
dear @gloglo i very miss you.

keep it up dear

Finally, Nigeria is still our home, we are a part of the fabric Nigeria was weaved from. We still need the bond that has brought us thus far, let’s not allow the guys at the top destroy us by turning us against each other.

Nigeria my country. No country like Nigeria. No matter the suffering and smiling. Let's support our great country in any way we can. God bless Nigeria.

Nice post @gloglo.

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