A Call For Help. I Am Really Sick And I Need Your Helpt

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I never knew it was going to come to this but as it is now I don't have a choice. I am very sick and I need your help. I am suffering from hypertensive heart disease. I am in more pains knowing that the world will know about my health issues but an addage says if you keep quiet your problems will keep quiet with you. I have decided to open up because I am now scared. I don't want to die young

The health issue is very serious to the extent that I barely go a day without severe pain. I have been in and out of the hospital in the past 5months. I have spent all my money on drugs and bills. I am so broke now and I still need to do a test.

The doctors have asked me to do a test called ECHO which is going to cost me 40,000n(112$) and right now I don't have a dime. And I need to do the test to know the exact treatment that will be given to me.

Please I really need your help. If you are reading this please help me and save a life. Anything whatsoever you can help me with. I will be very glad.

Below is the test result of the first test I did(ECG)


Please you can also help me reesteem for visibility

If you want to help, you can assist using the following mediums

Bank. 3105106248
Ewuoso Olusesi
First Bank

Ewuoso Olusesi
Diamond bank


[email protected]



God bless you


I've sent in a little something

Thanks BRO I really appreciate

You will get through this, in Jesus name amen.!

Oshay bro

The help you need will hasten itself. I hope everything will be fine.

I’m so sorry to hear this! But I can only pray and encourage you to trust God still, healing is children’s bread, God will use people, doctors, steemers etc to assist you!

Thanks for the confidence bestowed on us.

Expect my own support in one of those accounts provided.

God bless you

Ahhh... @ewuoso. Sorry for your health. God will strengthen you. Our prayers are with you

Thank you God bless

OMG! I pray that God give you divine health. I will give the little support that I can give

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God bless yhu

Prayers and love for your good & speedy healing @ewuoso 💜🦋❤

OMG! 😱😱😢😢 I'm so sorry about this. I believe the talk and do God will handle the situation and make sure you pass through this stage and recover safely.

My Prayers are with you. 💕💕💕

Please reesteem

@ewuoso I'm really sorry about your health issues, thank God you opened up bro so we can know and assist. I will be praying for you and try to support whichever way I can, Please are you on whaleshares?

Oh sorry bro for this. The healing hand will touch you and you will be set free soon. I will always pray for you

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