10 Car Repair Safety Rules You Should Not Overlook

in nigeria •  9 months ago

Are you doing some basic maintenance on your car? Are you a professional mechanic?

This post is a very important one for you. Even if the above mentioned is not your field, you can still find this post helpful at a point in your life.

These safety methods are to avoid damage to yourself, to your automobile, and to be prepared in case of any mishap.

  1. As you are working on your vehicle, don’t smoke

  2. Before you jack your car, make sure that the wheels are properly locked. Use wedge if possible.

  3. Allow the part of the engine you want to work on to cool off in order to avoid burns.

  4. Ensure the gear lever is in Park or Neutral and the engine is off before working on your car. This rule can be broken if the car has to be running for you to do work.

  5. Use insulated tools for electrical work. Kazeem rewire no go hear this one.

  6. Take off accessories such as rings, long necklaces, hoodie with long neck ropes. For the ladies, tie back long hair.

  7. If you’re using toxic chemicals such as coolant to work, avoid every possible contact with its content and you mouth and eyes. Store them out of reach of children.

  8. Always keep a fire extinguisher handy

  9. Work in a very well ventilated area. Work outdoors if possible. If the work must be done in a garage, make sure you keep the doors and windows open. Keep the vehicle close to the door as possible.

  10. Always have these tips in mind.

Don’t put your life or your safety on the line.


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