The first live show on The Dynamic Steemians discord.

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Getting Started with Steemit Tuesdays

@zoneboy hosted a live show for the Nigerian community today on The Dynamic Steemians discord! He had a show themed today specifically for new users. It was one hour long and had a better turn out than I had expected!


First thing was first, @zoneboy discussed passwords. He shared @pfunk's post about such. Zoneboy also discussed the 4 main keys


Phishing websites were brought up in voice. @rabiujaga brought up a good point and that was always double check your 'https' to see if its the actual website you wanted to be at.


Then @isaria's post was brought up because comments and engagement was brought up.


It was a pleasant and informative show for most that attended it seemed! We even had @joyce-okpobo show up fashionably late but still came excited about Ulogs and her journey with the kind @surpassinggoogle there in his discord server steemgigs. Please take time to explore Ulogs as well and how it is encouraging more Steemit user to blog!



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Thank you for sharing the session sir. It was good to have everyone there. Looking forward to hearing everyone voice. Feeling closer to us all more than ever. Stay blessed @dynamicgreentk

It was an experience. An awesome one. I feel happy and fulfilled when I impact knowledge on others.

It was a lovely session @zoneboy he was able to break it down with simplicity and order.

Maybe someday. Vietnamese community will have the same live show on The Dynamic Steemians discord.

Thanks for this beautiful recap @dynamicgreentk. For those who were not on the show, I'm certain that this is an insight into what the program was like.