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Congratulations to @jeaniepearl as she is celebrating her 1year on steemit, I’m @abayomi1 and I want to join the whole world entirely in celebrating her, let’s consider the link below to wish her happy a year birthday


1 When did you join steemit and
2 which community did you join first
3 Who introduced steemit to you
4 What convinced you to join steemit
5 What do you like the most about steemit
6 Your highest steemit upvote reward
7 Your best experience on Steemit
8 Your worst experience on Steemit
9 Your steemit role model
10 Your steemit angel
11 Your steemit crush
12 Your best male friend on steemit
13 Your best female friend on steemit
14 Your most memorable steemit meet up
14 A steemit wish
kiss,hug and slap ?
15 Will you be at SIN2 ?

  • I joined steemit on 16th March, 2018, I got registered with the help of @abayomi1 and I belongs to @euronation community

  • @dawasi introduced steemit to me on 9th April, 2018

  • I love any online work

  • Steemit has makes me to earn cool cash and as well makes friends

  • My highest pay was just $6 upvote

  • My best experience was when I earn my first money on steemit

  • All time I don’t have a good Upvote is always worse

  • @dimimp is my role model

  • @ehiboss

  • No one

  • no one

  • @kaybee18 is my best female friend

  • I have not attended any meetup before

  • @surpassinggoogle

  • kiss @rebeccalf hug @tio and slap @phabi

  • No

  • Shoutout to @dimimp I love the man so much

I’m @abayomi1


thanks for participating

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