🏒NHL Match-Up Contest / Chance to Win 75% Steem dollar from this post 💰/ Boston vs Pittsburgh 01-07

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How to play ( 01072018nhl)

  • Select the winning team

  • Select the total number of goal scored

  • The person that has correctly guess the winning team and guess the closest number of goal will win 75% of liquid steem dollar from this post

  • Or if they are tie results in the prize being split among the winners

  • To participate, You have to upvote and comment your answer to participate in the contest ex. : Montreal 8 goals

  • All participants should do their best to Resteem this post/contest (More upvotes = Higher Reward)

  • Contest lock at 7 pm eastern time

  • Limit one entry per person

  • Any post edited after the deadline will be disqualified from the contest (and all future contest)

  • You can find the proof of payouts in my steem wallet

  • Prizes will be distributed after the payout

The Match-up of the day

  • Boston vs Pittsburgh

Follow and Upvote !! (1).jpg


Boston 9

Boston 4

pittsburg 4

Pittsburgh 4

Boston 7

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