NFL Steemit Fantasy League Update

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With two days before the NFL season kickoff I am excited about the fantasy league. I have created a chart for the league and here is the preview below.


-Milano1113’s Team------
-I Stank------
-Reggae Shart------
-Chris’s Choice Team------

Win Weekly Matchup = 1 point

Win Weekly Matchup With Highest Margin of Victory = 2 points

Win Weekly Highest Points = 2 points

End of Season Points

Most Overall Total Points = 3 points

End of Season Points

Most Overall Total Points = 3 points

Most Wins Total = 3 points

Voter’s Favority = 5 points

Regular Season Ends at Week 14

Prizes are 15, 7, 3 Steems at respective positions

Playoffs are weeks 15 and 16, top four with most wins move on

Prizes are 5,3,2,1 Steems at respective positions

As of now there are 15 steems added to weekly payouts thanks to sponsors:

@clivingston,@pbgreenpoint, and @fuzzmaster

Thanks to these sponsors I will tack on a bonus on weekly reward to either of the three if and when they win a weekly payout.

Get your lineups ready as Thursday’s first game between Atlanta versus defending champions Philadelphia. Please make sure to review your lineups before this Sunday as I was not aware my kicker was cut lol. Thank goodness it was a kicker instead of a WR or RB. Worse yet the QB! Oh I maybe jinxing myself. :/


If you wish to watch me try to grow my crypto wealth please follow me: @mawit07


Date of post: 9/4/2018

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I’m ready for some football!


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Uah yeah, I'm ready. Let's do dis coaches.

Thank you @clivingston,@pbgreenpoint, and @fuzzmaster for your donations to the prize pool.
And Thank you @mawit07 being commiss.

Nice job. Good luck everyone


Thanks PB you too

You're going down Fuzz!!



Mud Dogs win 30-27 -Vickie Valleycourt

It seems rather prophetic that my team is already listed near the bottom of the standings. I am pretty sure that is where I will spend most of my season. Good luck to all!!!

I'm so excited for this league. I tried to get one going last year and couldn't find enough people

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