Is Nexty the next Bitcoin?

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Cryptocurrency remains the popular topic for discussion online. Blockchain currency evolves: today it is neither a novelty, nor an investment for the risky and adventurous, nor currency for secret dark net deals involving illicit goods. It is now steadily gaining acceptance by more and more legitimate businessmen. The question is, which cryptocurrency? Definitely not the classic cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum! They weren’t designed as currencies for everyday transactions and display a lot of inconvenient properties.


Why is a "next Bitcoin" even needed?

Old school cryptocurrencies such as BTC can be excruciatingly slow to transfer from one account to another. Hours or even days can pass until one payment arrives at its destination. The payments aren’t exactly free; the bankless system necessitates each payment to be accompanied with a transfer fee. All this makes the old-school cryptocurrency more an exotic tool to invest in and hope for your luck, than a "currency" proper.

Despite the fact that Bitcoin and Ethereum do not really answer the demand, many businessmen on the Internet need cryptocurrency. The bankless system is really attractive for those who wish to collect starting funds for a project.

OK, so why Nexty?

What’s the difference between Nexty and a random cryptocurrency picked from a long list of new projects, attempting to win the crowd by wondrous exchange rates, a snappy name referencing some Internet meme or promises of easy money? Nexty Platform is a combined system of two different "coins" (NTY and NTF, and an extra, larger unit pNTY which equals 10,000 NTY) and software to handle the wallets and transactions. So what? Can we see the actual benefits?

•Make it quick! Nexty transactions are instant, so you do not have to worry about long waits while your money is being transferred;

•Set me free! Transaction fees are eliminated. That’s why a second cryptocurrency was introduced; every NTY wallet has an associated NTF wallet that carries the load of transaction fees. You do not have to buy NTF separately;

•Rely on the future! You never have to worry about exchange rates suddenly changing by orders of magnitude, ruining your business. This is another benefit of the two-coin system.

You can both buy and mine NTY.  But wait, there is more: you can mine NTF as well! Adding more of the reserve currency to the pool increases the reliability and stability of the system. For this reason, mining of NTF is encouraged by extra benefits for NTY mining, too.

Whether you aim to write exciting new software, a groundbreaking video game, a website offering some kind of services or an online store with useful wares, Nexty Platform will prove itself useful in both collecting a starting capital to kick-start your project and maintain it until the traditional currencies collected from the profits overtake the Nexty coin as your business launches.

So is it?

Nexty is not the next Bitcoin if by Bitcoin you mean the mysterious, exotic currency of the darkest reaches of the Internet. Nexty is not a coin that makes you a millionaire without effort, it is not a coin that buys you forbidden goods, it is a practical cryptocurrency for practical purposes.








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