My progress on Nextcolony

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One week on and not that much progress. No additional planets found, they are proving to be elusive in this part of space. The skill level for Corvettes is now Level 18 and within a couple of hours will be Level 19. So one more level and possibly a Shipyard upgrade and I will have a new space toy to play with.

Current Map

Space is being explored very quickly but I have the left hand side now to explore.

Zoomed Out

Seems I have a couple of inactive planets around so I should have this area to myself for a while. Luckily still not been attacked and though priority has been on the Corvettes I have been adding to the defensive side of things. Hopefully when those Corvettes start coming off the production line that will be even more of a deterrent.

Mission Log

Have been lucky with ship losses lately so that is something to be happy about.

Still enjoying the game but I am starting to think the 20 Levels for a ship skill is maybe a tad too much it really does take a while to build them up.

This is not a game for the impatient that is for sure, luckily I don't possess that trait so I am happy to grind away at the game day by day.


I'm also lucky that no one's attacking me - You should get that transporter skill up - they're handy for farming neighbouring zombie planets - especially if someone's built for a few weeks and then given up!

It's a life lesson in slowing down, playing @nextcolony!

Thanks for that tip, it would be the next ship to skill up anyway since I have got it to Level 3 already but didn't know you could farm zombie planets! I seem to have a couple of players who have given up near me so that could be useful, thanks!

You just need to attack with explorers. I've got a fleet of about 12 keeping busy!

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I would like they give us more things to do while we wait for skills to build up... we shall see...

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