Stardust pre-sale moved to Steem Engine

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Two days ago we had released the conversion from Stardust to/from Steem Engine, so there is one more feature - trading Stardust. Buy low, sell high - you know best, how it works.

The Stardust pre-sale has been disabled on the website and moved to Steem Engine. The remaining volume of 27,590,000 Stardust, minus 1 million Stardust, which had already been issued in August 2019 (Tx), has been issued via (Tx) and moved to Steem Engine (Tx).

We have already said that we will not sell Stardust below 0.002 Steem and we would like to make this very clear: We will not dump the market.

We've sent 2500 Steem to Steem Engine (@steem-peg) and created a couple 'Buy Orders' and bought some Stardust. We will not transfer any more Steem to Steem Engine, that is just a start boost - for fun!

All conversions to/from Steem Engine are handled via NextColony exchange (@nextcolony.exch). The NextColony exchange serves this purpose only, so the Stardust is not a part of the game, and the volume won't be sold.

Stardust and items on the @nextcolony account (in-game) are used exclusively for rewards (e.g. season rewards) and marketing (e.g. bounties).

You can convert Stardust to/from Steem Engine directly on the NextColony website via 'convert' modal in your wallet. We handle conversions via our internal Stardust exchange. So you can also convert to/from Steem Engine via 'transfer' modal to nextcolony.exch. Both ways are legit.

Inspected transfers with the Steem Engine Block Explorer and read the Steem Engine FAQ if you like. Make sure to follow @aggroed and visit the official Steem Engine Discord server to be up to date on Steem Engine. There is a redesign for Steem Engine in the pipeline, you shouldn't miss it.

You can now trade Stardust on Steem Engine.

Have fun!

Congratulations, @manoldonchev! You win the Yamato blueprint of the giveaway. The blueprint has just been sent to your account. Let us know what you're gonna do with it! At the end of the second season there will be the next Yamato blueprint giveaway.

We have to fix a critical bug before we can start the second season. The second season starts soon. Thanks for your patience!

If you have any questions, join the official Discord server.

Stay tuned.


Thanks a lot, @nextcolony and Luck in general. I did not expect that at all, honestly. My attitude towards luck and random happenstances has to change a bit, I guess. I will think about what I am going to do with it. It's a thing beyond my current game economy capacity at present so...

Sleep over it? Drink over it?

Cheers space people and Steem on!


Congratulations you lucky bugger. May the Yamato be with you always. Cheers.

Have fun! (:

Nice, Congrats to @manoldonchev.

Can functionality be made that items like ships can be also transferred from market

'Items' and 'ships' are not the same plus:

" If you are going to buy a single ship on the market, it will be delivered to your starter (alpha) planet immediately."

Could you please be more specific with your question?

I want to gift the ships to the other users in game bypassing the market.
This will be very useful in doing giveaway of the ships.

Ah, okay. That would make any battles impossible. That won't happen.

That's amazing, thinking about getting back into finding planets :)

@tipu curate 2

Ein Satz mit x?

I like it #nextcolony post thanks for visiting my post, best of luck

I like it #nextcolony post thanks for visiting my post, best of luck

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