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Today you'll have a chance to get the most valuable giveaway we've given away so far. The first of ten Yamato blueprints will be given away today. But let's start with a new and tasty update first. Let's go...


We've just released an update and thus an early beta version of the market on the main client. The market is fully functional and already intensively tested. You can now trade items, planets, and ships on the market.

All goods are traded in Stardust and are subject to 4% fees, which are burned and thus reduce the supply of Stardust. An additional 4% are sent to @nextcolony and used for rewards. The market is an important step for the ecosystem and a powerful sink.

We've been testing the market on @Jarunik's client for a couple of weeks now and are already seeing some nice numbers. Due to today's update and the implementation of the market in the main frontend we expect a significant increase in usage.

  • Total transactions (market): 53,533
  • Total SD sold (market): 16.4 million
  • Total SD burned (market): 1.2 million

The opening of the market was pretty much one of the most important moments so far in the history of NextColony.

Some basic rules of trade:

  • Ships that are for sale on the market cannot be actively used, as long as they are on the market. They can, however, be attacked. If a ship is attacked and destroyed, the sell order will be automatically deleted.
  • As long as there are active missions, a planet cannot be offered for sale on the market.
  • Items and planets on the market cannot be gifted.
  • Items on the market cannot be activated/merged/opened.
  • Planets on the market cannot start any missions.
  • If a ship is put on the market, it will be instantly delivered to the buyers' trade hub (located on the starter planet). This has become possible by a new warping technology, which is only available to the market.



Eight days ago we've released a small update with an early beta version of another new feature. At the moment, there are now two buffs available. Buffs are always temporary and available for Stardust. Buffs can be purchased multiple times so that the periods add up and thus last for a longer period. Buffs effects on the account level. We will probably implement more buffs in the future. Buffs will be an enrichment for the game and a nice Stardust sink.



The first Yamato season is now going in its final week. So far we have seen some astonishing developments already. In total, almost 16 million Stardust has been consumed and burned in Yamato upgrades. Some players have run out of stardust and started to burn their planets for Stardust. The most dramatic burn was the burning of the legendary Tartaros, which added 9 million stardust to the wallet of dachcolony. In total, planets for 17.4 million stardust were burned so far. @dachcolony is currently leading the race with 3.6 million reward points, slightly ahead of powernap (3.2 million) and zings (3.1 million reward points). One of these three will be the winner of the first season. So far, the season has been pretty peaceful, but we would consider it likely that players will become more aggressive towards the end of the season. But let's see what will happen.



The Stardust pre-sale is in the final phase. Only 50,000,000 Stardust is going to be sold in the first round, and 43.69% have already been sold. So there are only 28,155,000 Stardust remaining. Now it's time to stock up on Stardust to increase your influence, build up your liquidity, and grow your empire. If you want to learn more about the Stardust economy please read the extensive analysis by @rondras.

As soon as the second season has started, we will release another update shortly thereafter, so that you can exchange from In-game Stardust to Steem Engine. The backend is already completed. If the pre-sale will not be completed, we will sell the remaining Stardust on Steem Engine. We expect trading to be another exciting aspect for settlers and raiders.



Would you like to earn a Yamato blueprint? The first of 10 Yamato blueprints will be given away today. You just have to do two things:

  1. write one creative comment below this post and
  2. resteem this post

Please do not spam this post, because you'll get disqualified.

After the payout of this post we'll use the random winner picker to determine the winner. This promotion ends after 7 days.

Just comment and resteem.

If you have any questions, join the official Discord server.

Stay tuned.


Don't get me wrong. I enjoy your game and I have been playing it since day one, a little too much even.

When markets were coming out I was hoping that they would be an upgrade for my planet, maybe even a blueprint. Something owned by the player. An upgrade that makes a planet become more valuable. You, NextColony talk about ownership and resale of digital assetts and Stardust. If you want people to get interested you need a way to make my current assets more valuable and desirable.

The worm hole technology owned only by the marketplace and instant transport of ships is crap, get rid of it! It can be used and abused way too much, I know, I've already abused it. The transportation of ships needs to be real game time to and from the market(s). This would reduce the alt accounts as you would have to fly your ships to the new planet and not just open an alt account and "sell" it a huge fleet for 8 Stardust.

This market can create and sell its own ships but it also sell ships of other players. If the marketplace wanted to sell more ships it would have to upgrade the market with more births, (? sorry I dont know the correct term for spaceship parking slot). It can sell other users ships but it has to have the available space for those ships to be docked and the ships have to bee flown to and from the market. (Hmm, I need a speed or MC buff).

Docked ships could be attacked but not fight back. Making a well protected market more valuable. While making your selection of a market to SELL your ships important. Causing competition among markets. Market Alpha, a well defended and well located market sells ships for 25% commission. Market Beta has no defense and a crappy location but it only charges 3% commission. The cost and travel time become important.

This would add a very strategic component to the game and add long term value to a location already explored. The location of the marketplace planet would be critically important. Ships having to fly to and from the market would also SLOW down expansion and discourage alt accounts.

Example, If I own a market place I could sell X number of ships based on how many births I had. If I wanted to sell more ships I would have to upgrade my market place. If John Doe wanted to sell his ships and he didn't have a market place he would have to deliver his ships to a market place and put them in an available bay to sell them. When they were sold they would take the appropriate travel time to arrive at the buyers destination of choice.

This would encourage markets all around the universe. Increase the value of my planet and already explored space. It encourages cooperation and interaction of players as the seller and market need to negotiate sales related stuff. It slows expansion while discouraging alt account abuse and gives greater control, options and reasons to play.

IMHO, With Love.

The market is still early beta and we are collecting data and feedback. These are a lot of interesting and valuable ideas. We appreciate that very much. Thanks for that!

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Good luck!

This comment is certainly more creative than Tron acquiring Steemit.

... Tron acquiring Steemit.

Oh, that's just nothing ... didn't you hear, yet, that soon @nextcolony will acquire @splinterlands? :)

That's the truth.


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Good luck!

how cool is that!

I want one of that yamato! 🚀
I need one of these yamatos! 🚀
I have to have one of these yamatos! 🚀

please dear #nextcolony universe choose me!🍀🤞

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Good luck!

Did you know that the actual meaning of the word Ya mo to comes from Japanese? It actually means 'the print that is to be received by the chosen one who calls himself too curious.'

Yamato was also a huge Japanese battleship.

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Good luck!

How about having the ability to make a team or a team? The game will be more dynamic if it is compensated or benefited by Clan's ranking.

This definitely has a high priority.

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Good luck!

If I win I give it away!

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Good luck!

I am not creativ at all but I want a Yamato blueprint :)

You're definitely creative. We have proof of that.

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Good luck!

Good to know, that NC players have a goal to pursue now with these rewards. I think it would be nice to have more players rewarded, even with very small SD amounts in the future. Wishing you all the best for this game, I resteem the post to my 4000 followers.

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Good luck!

Good to see how this game is evolving and getting better with each update.

Thanks, @steelman! (:
Thanks for being so committed. We appreciate it very much!

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Good luck!

Looking forward to season 2. A ton of planets have been burned and it will be interesting to see how this plays out going forward.

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Good luck!

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