Stardust pre-sale begins now

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We sell a limited amount of Stardust tokens. This is a limited pre-sale that lasts for a maximum of three rounds. This is round one and the price rises in each round. In the first round 1 Stardust costs 0.002 Steem.

There's no guarantee we'll do all three rounds.


To ensure our token model has a "sink" in it, we have to burn tokens. This idea was initially suggested by Vitalik Buterin and has been widely adopted. Basically, it involves designing token models with "buy-and-burn" mechanisms. The decrease in supply raises the value of all remaining tokens by the percentage of total supply destroyed.

With the last update we have already implemented "buy-and-burn" mechanisms and we will implement more.


  • Yamato upgrade
  • Market (8% fee)
  • Respawn
  • Planet transfer


  • Explorations
  • Season rewards
  • Burn planet
  • Shop (will be tuned off on November 24. - link)

Click the link below to check out the Stardust pre-sale...


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Much success for your next phase. Resteemed :-)

Thanks, @lichtblick! (:

Oh I have to say thanks. Much appreciated.

I’ll check out the link now. Speculating is always fun!

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Nice! (:

Honestly seems like another money grab. Bring out the market first.

Honestly seems like
Another money grab. Bring
Out the market first.

                 - mightypanda

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Market is definitely important, yeah.

Why do you sell stardust that should be earned? Look at the SM, dec cant be bought, only earned, that is why it keeps value.

Selling tokens from thin air?


DEC can be bought from the TRON network, as well as Steem Engine.

But from other players who earned them, not from the developers of the game.

Exactly, and this makes economy sustainable.

I wasn't aware of that; thank you for the information!

It is a balance of Free, Reward, Pay, as it has been the case for many months.

You mean imbalance :)

Balance is definitely not an easy task. (:

When will you add a feature where players can sell their earned stardust? I honestly think that your stuff now is overpriced. Also, I agree with @rafalski that a token presale is less preferable to an organic token market, where only previously earned tokens can be sold.

I would rather prefer to have guilds that collect Stardust for special purposes - like at Splinterlands ...

Nice idea!


Ja, meinetwegen darfst du das auch Allianzen nennen. Hauptsache, die Gruppe kann gemeinsam aktiv sein und die Aktivität überwachen.

100% agree.

Convert SD to SE is on the list and SMT on the horizon. We'll see. You have to be patient.

Would have been nice to have an option for 10 STEEM?!

Maybe we'll do this next week, @famigliacurione! (:

I think that would be great! It would allow more participation. I could be wrong, but sometimes it's better to have many small investors than to seek few large investors. In the case of Legendary Planets, a few large investors was ideal to maintain the rareness of the collectibles, but in the case of STARDUST, many small investors I believe would be more advantageous for both sides. STARDUST needs to be widely distributed to make the game more interesting with the Yamato ships. I would even suggest a 5 STEEM option. Look at the success of Netflix, which I remember people were saying would fail because the price of so many films, and full seasons, all at once wouldn't be profitable, but now mass adoption has brought millions worldwide to accept the small fee. I believe the present and future model for success is small amounts from many investors.

This won't be a hectic pre-sale, we're in no hurry.

Interesting. I've heard recently that Netflix actually has serious problems and its debt is still rising. ->

I'm sure you're correct about that, seeing that big companies tend to always over expand. My focus, however, was on the rise, and how small investors can sometimes be better at sustaining a project.

Jumped i to buy few SD. Turns out minimum investment is 100 STEEM. That's too steep for me. Most people would just switch to buy Splinterlands Packs. Keep the same price and lower the barrier to enter.

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All right, done.

When you shop for 1 steem, you get guaranteed 100 star dust, so not much left for speculation.
Best idea is to create a market where user can sell NC item in steem,SBD and stardust and you can take 5% as market commission.

It is not set in stone that we permanently link Stardust to purchases in the shop. This is a measure to initially distribute the first charge of Stardust "safe".

stardust seems to be inflationary because you always have the option to just sell more and people will find them in the galaxy. Is there an overview / graph of stardust in use / burn etc. ?

In the end you will be able to "manipulate" the stardust market, or where did you get the first 50 millions stardust's?

Nothing's hidden, you can track that:

Bildschirmfoto 2019-10-30 um 18.00.14.png

Stardust is the new gold of the Universe and it has quite some potentials considering the incipient phase in which we are. The game starts to promise more and more and this could be a good investment for the future.
Will be waiting with utmost patience a market where all the colony goods to be sold. I think this is the next key factor for the game to evolve. Hope you soon plan to make this happen!

"I think this is the next key factor for the game to evolve."

Yeah, thats exactly what is is.

The token concept is now slowly being rolled out.

Why the minimum amount of stardust is so extreme high (50 000)? Most of the players won't be able to spent this amount of stardust in a game. Don't be greedy!
Please sell it in useful amounts like 1 000, which is needed for planet respawn, then you will find plenty of buyers.

Maybe we'll do this next week. (:

Dear @nextcolony team, so once again you are looking like total control freaks. Now you are going to sell Star dust, but you won't let anyone trade this yet. We all have star dust but it is presently as useful as a fart in a bottle. A fart that has been brewing for months and months.

I am still waiting to be able to destroy my planet. You said this would be done ages and ages ago. Do I not have a right under EU regulations to be forgotten online?

You also said ages ago we would be able to use our stardust to purchase in game times. Nothing yet!

It seems like in this game, the only one way rewards flow are towards game itself. You talk about patience, it is slowly turning into bull***t. The game has always been designed to favor big investors in the game and even that cant get right.

Steem community is small and tightly knit. I would personally recommend to anyone wishing to play or invest in this game, to think real long and hard and ultimately not to do so.

I used to play, but very quickly realized I felt I was being taken for a ride. If you have time to waste for no reason what so ever, this is the game for you. Just don't expect anything from the next colony team when you get upset.

The game has always been designed to favor big investors in the game and even that cant get right.

Indeed. How come you didn't know? :)
I agree it's frustrating for smaller users (I'm running 8 accounts actually, only four of those are my own) but in the end it's like everywhere: you're free to make your decisions and design the game for you the way you want it and can afford playing it (I refer to time and invest).
Yes there's users investing a lot. But you can be successful as a small account still.

P.S.: I'm not about to destroy any planets of my accounts, I still need their output to grow ... :)

Good luck playing an old school format game. I agree people are free to do what they want.

Stardust is tradable:
Wallet > Transfer (

You can Burn/Respawn you planet:
Overview > Burn/Respawn (

Yes, we're slow and it will stay that way, but as you can see in the blog, we're making steady progress.

So if you buy SD with 100 steem then you get 50K SD. Or if you shop with 100 steem you get chest/blueprint/etc and 10000 SD.

Not sure this is a good balance.

And for planet burning, if you burn rare atmosphere you get 30K SD, which is valued under this calculation 60 steem.

Again, not sure this is a good balance.

We will see how it would turn out, but I am not sure why you pre sale SD first before making SD market between users first. Steem engine token is really easy to make, for instance.

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It is not set in stone that we permanently link Stardust to purchases in the shop. This was a measure to initially distribute the first charge of Stardust "safe".

Stardust pre-sale will be over in a few weeks. Burn stays.

I'm sorry, you have to cancel this event because no one is buying your resource. $13k is too high a price.

There's no guarantee we'll do all three rounds.

Sure. One round is much already.

We're not putting sales-pressure on this pre-sale. So this is totally fine.

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