Milestone complete, rewards, and true blockchain game

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NextColony Teaser 1

We are proud to announce that the module Fleet has been completed. Three days ago the first fleet was built, assembled and sent to deep space. This module was the biggest challenge so far. This important milestone has been successfully achieved. Now, we're working on the next module.

This is our progress so far:

  • Buildings ✓
  • Shipyard ✓
  • Planets (show/sort) ✓
  • Galaxy ✓
  • Skills ✓
  • Balancing ✓
  • Shop (chest/rune) ✓
  • Fleet (explore/transport) ✓
  • Fleet > Missions ✓

We are now ready to start in 7 days.

What's happened in the NextColony universe?

We would like to point this out clearly: 30% of the income will go back to you. Rewarded will be active players, successful players and alliances that built and defend a wonder of the universe. Important note: Wonders of the universe can only be built on a legendary planet.

The first two auctions ended with an impressive total of 8479 STEEM, and the 3rd and last auction is already at 4002 STEEM. There are only 7 days left till the grand finale. The tension's rising. Most of the bids were dropped at the end of the last auction and therefore the end was enormously exciting. Important note: Bid in time, because it's getting hot in the last 30 minutes.

The #3 auctions already total 4002 STEEM
End: April 21, 2019 20:00:00 UTC
Go to the auctions »

Last block is the one that is produced 20:00:00 UTC, according to
All bids coming in at 20:00:00 UTC or later won't count

We built a true blockchain game which is fully transparent and verifiable. We're convinced that the transparency and verifiability are strong and inherent values of a blockchain game and therefore have a high value for us. Tim wrote about the technology behind NextColony in his last post.

All legendary planets sold so far are real bargains in context with the huge universe/value we're building with NextColony. The first three buyers can be happy. Sell your house, your car, and a kidney - otherwise you'll regret it later.

We will open the gates on:
April 21, 2019 20:00:00 UTC

Tell your friends, your family, your neighbors, and all your colleagues about the start date.

Something big is coming.

Resteem to the moon.

Thanks for your patience.


To all: Leave comments on YouTube at game sites if you have a YouTube account like I do: I post like this " Please check or review the first real blockchain game (on the steem blockchain) starting in circa a week from now." PS Developers in time could/should contact

Wil do @powernap. Really looking forward to seeing this game start now.

I have been promoting Next Colony on Twitter also. We will get the word out.

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Wow. That's a great support. Thanks for that @powernap
This is a good tip. We will definitely contact

What will be custom json ID broadcasted by NextColony (eg. monsters have "sm_%", drugwars - "drugwars") ? :)

ok, already found it ;)

If you are interested in tech articles, then you can read here and here and here.

Hoping that could give more answers.

I figured it out on myself, and getting ready for your launch :D

Wow - Great work! Thank you a lot (:

Will you have any refferal system? If so, what will be the format of the link? :)

No, we're not fans of referral system because it doesn't have a good effect on the quality of the content. But we're supporting/ voting good articles.
Thanks for this question (:

Wow, nice! :)
I've been using your Steem Monsters stats for many months.

Nice to hear that. Honestly, Next Colony has better organised json format to analyse data than SM.

Resteemed and thank you we need more and more games on Steem Blockchain!
The goal is to achive Tron and Eos status in the dapp department.

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Thank you. We want to and will reach the moon, and some other planets in the hole universe (:

Awesome news.
Can’t wait for launch in a week.
Have an awesome day!

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That sounds great @mickvir (:
We can't wait for the launch, too!

Thanks. You, too.

Exciting, many of us wait -with high expectations- for the inaugural flight..!

Nice to read. This should help a little bit in planning the first flight.

I wonder how this bidding works. Is this binding?

for the current auction, bid prices are like 2K or 3K STEEM, and bidding accounts do not seem to be "real" ones.

Thank you for your question. This is a difficult topic as some people use specialised accounts which do not have the necessary Steem in their own accounts. Generally, bids are binding and we delete unrealistic bids which are way above the current highest bids. In other cases we will give a short notification to small accounts telling them that we will void their bid if they do not move a decent amount of Steem into their account. Does this answer your question?

Yes - thank you for the answer. It makes sense.

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Can't wait to start

Thank you, we're glad! Only 7 days left (:

I upvoted, Resteemed and shared on:


Do it for Steem @nextcolony 😊👍

~ @chrisrice

Nice to read. Thank you a lot for you support.

Be there when the spacecraft launch and we put the burned earth behind us.

Great update! I hope to see more improvement to the project in the future.

We're working full power for something big. So that's what you can look forward to.

Thank you.

I have a feeling building / attacking / defending Wonders of the Universe will be... huge! :)

That will be exactly the case.

It will be really amazing!! Our easter present: NextColony :-)

Easter - Christmas and birthday present. All in one @art-universe

Tolle Neuigkeiten, bin sehr gespannt auf den Launch!

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In ein paar Tagen werden wir gemeinsam abheben und den zerstörten Planet Erde hinter uns lassen.

Sure Resteem - glad to see you guys put in brain for a game - there are opposite bad examples 😎

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Yes! Thanks, Uwe!

I knew my bid was to good to last, these last 3 are going to be expensive. @theaustrianguy just put 200 on top

Strong battle about the planets. May the intergalactic games begin.

Great job! Amazing game! Good alternative to steemnova.

Definitely. Thanks! :)

Waiting .........

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Waiting for the sound of the rocket launching towards the galaxy.


Resteemed with love

Heartfelt thanks (:

Great news @nextcolony and when everything starts, it will be amazing, well done!

You're right about that.

Thank you.

amazing news. i can't wait to play it ! 💙

We heard you have shares of a legendary planet.
Our spies are everywhere. :)

i don't really know what you mean 😇

We heard you have shares of a legendary planet.


Hahaha, sure. :D

Incredible game the man who love games like this I share this to my friends love games online

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Thank you for this great support on the way to the moon (:

Auch wenn ich nicht so der Spieler bin, finde ich es doch eine gute Sache um die Community zu festigen.

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Es wird sich zeigen, wie die Kolonien und Allianzen im Universum mit ihren Schiffen die Welten erobern.

Love it. I will resteem it. :)

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That sounds very good. Don't miss the launch into the depths of the universe (:

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Cool, thanks! :)

scash!tip 100

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Nice. :)

Is this free to play?

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In any case you have the possibility to play for free.
If you are smart, you can help yourself with Steem in different ways.

You auction planets for free?

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Good question @steemingmark.
Unfortunately not, because our coffee and donuts are not for free either.


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That's great (: Thanks.

Great advancements!
The adventure is about to begin and the universe awaits ("Beyond there are monsters", says the legend of the navigation chart).
Have a good voyage.
Good luck, @nexcolony.

Nice! You are talented. You should think about taking part in the NextColony RPG Story Contest from @art-universe .

@nextcolony the sound is very interesting, i will try it soon

We rely on you! :)

@nextcolony, Keep up the good work team and sounds like this game will going to become the trend after the launch.

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We will definitely do that! Thanks! :)

Good to hear that and welcome.

excited for the release ! counting down ! what are the type of income sources within the game ? i suppose build instant upgrade, units purchase, will there be market to trade resources / fleets ? How's the 30% income distributed ? by resource productions ? battle scores ?

🚀 🌕

Moon your steem everyday ! Instant Dividend payout after every game.WIN 458+ STEEM every round. FREE Player Upvote worth $1.21 every 2.5hr

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Rewarded will be

  • active players
  • successful players
  • alliances that built and defend a wonder of the universe

There won't be instant upgrades or units purchases.

"will there be market to trade resources / fleets "

We are still thinking about a market for trading resources / fleets. We are not sure about that. But you can trade indirectly, that's not "illegal". You can definitely trade items and planets.

"How's the 30% income distributed ? by resource productions ? battle scores ?"

We'll announce that later.

I'm hoping the distribution will be fair and not largely dictated by spending

In any case, we will create a balanced reward system. Thank you for your suggestion.

@nextcolony cann't wait..... thats awsome

It's great that you can hardly wait to fly into the Galaxy and feel the stardust, too @hamzahere

pany gam

Are new bids shown in real-time, or should I monitor steemd?

Thanks for your question. We're updating every second. But we still use steemd in parallel as well.

Also, are these auctions the only form of investment you're taking? If there are other plans, please let me know.

We don't ne much - just coffee and donuts, so this is the only Type of invest. Thanks for your effort.

Anything those of us with more limited budgets can buy?

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Thank you for your question.
Of course. In the game redfishes, minnows, dolphins, and whales will have their fun and play experience.

Fair enough. I thought maybe there were other presales I might be missing out on. Thanks!

Is the game free to play? Any fee to enter?

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Thank you for your question @arkmy.

There's no fee to enter and free to play.

Looking forward to see this cool project going live and love to spend some !BEER support for the great team.

We have a meetup in Aachen at May 3rd and if you love to have a stage and be part of our LIVESTREAM - feel invited to stop by. #SteemMeetupAachen

Thanks for your support @detlev

Great invitation but we are too busy with coffee and donuts (: But don't let it take you to mention us.

Sure, I will have a look to @rivalzzz video and share this around.

Compete against others in a fun interactive game similar to the famous Agar
Win Steem dollars, honor and upvotes!
Fair to everyone, only your skill matters!
Do you have what it takes?

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