Market is live

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We've just released an update and thus an early beta version of the market. The market is fully functional and already intensively tested. You can now trade items, planets, and ships on the market.

All goods are traded in Stardust and are subject to 8% fees, which are burned and thus reduce the supply of Stardust. The market is an important step for the ecosystem and a powerful sink.

The market is currently available on Jarunik's client and will probably be available on the main client during the next update.


Some basic rules of trade:

  • Ships that are for sale on the market cannot be actively used any more, as long as they are on the market. They can however be attacked. If a ship is attacked and destroyed, the sell order will be automatically deleted.
  • Items and planets that are on the market cannot be gifted to another player.
  • Items that are on the market cannot be activated.
  • Planets that are on the market cannot start any missions
  • If a ship is put on the market, it will be instantly delivered to the buyers trade hub (located on the starter planet). This has become possible by a new warping technology, which as of now is only available to the market.

If you have any questions, join the official Discord server or use the comments below.

Stay tuned.


So cool that this project is still going.

Thanks, @donchate! (:
We're really enjoying this.

So everything is traded for stardust, when does stardust become tradable?

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Stardust is tradable.

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It is? I see no orders for it on the bid or ask via steem-engine, assuming STARDUST is the ticker.

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there is no official market. you can trade it OTC

So whats the STARDUST token on steem-engine created by @nextcolony?

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It's an option.

When you say its an option do you mean its an option for the players to use now or like its an optional pathway for the game developers to pursue sometime down the road? Short answers tend to be a bit cryptic to me.

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Our goal was to always be independent. SMTs are on the horizon, SE is also an option for us.

I am going to start playing again.

Great news, but I will wait for the market in the main client though.

This is great!

However, one point seems to be problematic: being only able to buy at your starter puts a great disadvantage on anyone who settled out. You should think of implementing a player being able to switch the trade hub location asap.

Edit: Also, the market can be misused to transfer huge amounts of ships immediatly from one alt to another, without having to pay the uranium required to send them.

This is definitely a possible next step.
With regard to the misuse - yes, you can do this, but you will have to pay the market fee of 8%.
If you should think of just putting a low price - than somebody else might buy your ships, so that is risky

Great work nextcolony team 📝 , always good news ☺️

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What about this market, is this a separate one?
If yes, do I need to sell a planet on the official one too?

This is a separate market which has been built by Steelman. you can use both, but the official one is trustless without a middle man. You can however 100% trust Steelman - at least that is what I do. The official market can also be used for blueprints and ships.


OK, got it. But I have a problem. How can I enter the price for a planet in SD? I have no clue what 1 SD is worth, it is not on the market (yet), so how can I set a reasonable price?
Is there no way to sell something in Steem?

We must find out together what SD is worth.

For the current tests we have taken the exchange rate of the Stardust pre-sale.

how to send items to the market?

you need to use jarunik's client.
When you want to put something on the market, go to fleet, the planet overview or the item section.
The market you can find here:

Huge, huge improvement. Thanks guys!

Market is live

Excellent news!


Great news!

Let's see how prices develop. Good stuff!
Jarunik is doing great work with his client.

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Definitely! He's the reason we're so fast right now.

Wow, this is an amazing, and unexpected, update! Kudos to @jarunik for the excellent work on the nc-client. I remember in the early days, many thought the alternative site was unnecessary. Not the case these days! The issue of changing the trade hub has already been raised, and it is an important one, especially for Explorer ships that may be needed in different parts of the galaxy. Hopefully, this can be adjusted so that we can choose the delivery planet.

I also believe that the instant selling of ships could be abused in the case of a Yamato that is under threat of being attacked and destroyed. Rather than lose the rewards, which in this case includes STEEM, a player could sell high to an alt-account, thus interfering with the game's intent of having serious battles for rewards.

I'm also curious as to whether or not you would consider the selling of resources? Now that ships have "warp speed," maybe we can "teleport" minerals! I believe this is an important factor that would help us to determine the real value of a ship, for example, which requires resources to build.

Last question, will there at some point be an option to place offers? For example, I'd like to offer a certain amount of STARDUST for a particular type of planet.

This is a really exciting, and long awaited, moment for the NextColony community!

If Yamato (T-01 - T-20) is sold on the market, the seller's RP are 100% deducted and no RP are transferred to the buyer.

This is an an early beta version of the market, so we're still working on stabilization.

We'll see... (:

Very clever move with the Yamatos!!! I'm always impressed by the team's attention to detail! Yes, this is only the first step for the market, good point! As always, patience is the best answer!

Credits goes to Jarunik.

Wowww thats great work :)

Will start dust ever be able to be converted into Steem? Wondering if you’ll list it in Steem Engine?

That is one option, yes

Excellent! I still haven't got to the point where I can even launch my first ship but I'm getting there and enjoying the game so it's great to see progress!

Now you can take a shortcut and buy your first ship in the market

Nice @nextcolony, I put my first order in market. Explorer for just 500 SD.

And somebody bought it. wow.

Congrats! (:

Great news and a step closer to enabling the economy in this Universe. Next I would like to see also some transactions on the steem-engine to point where the value of Startdust is in the vast crypto world and in between the colonies as well.

We'll see... (:

Finally we are seeing some real economy at work. Good Job guys! Keep it up :)

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It was a wise decision to burn all those Stardust. Now the player assets will have more value and liquidity. The UI can certainly have some improvements.

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"The UI can certainly have some improvements."


What dose mean :


This is a bug, the names are not displayed. We'll fix it as soon as the server is up and running again.

Edit: Bug is fixed.

Great news

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