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We have just released a new update, which leads to more transparency. Transparency is one of the core values of NextColony and the main reason for us to build a game on a blockchain. We take transparency very seriously, both internally and externally.

With the feature activity you can inspect all transactions we and every single player are doing on the Steem blockchain. Everything is comprehensible for everyone, everything can be inspected. This is the beauty of the blockchain. One of the reasons why we build NextColony is to experiment with the blockchain. That's exhausting, challenging but also a lot of fun!

Visit activity to inspect transactions/commands of the team as well as all settlers and raiders. You can filter by your own activities (Me) and by all activities (All), as shown in the screenshot below. Click on 'All Commands' to filter by commands.


How to hunt Yamatos like a pro

If you hunt Yamatos during a season, you have the chance to earn DRP (Downgrade Reward Points), which you can convert into Steem and Stardust at the end of the season. To hunt Yamatos you need information. Here the feature activity comes into play.

Click on 'All Commands' to filter by 'Upgrade Yamato'. To hunt Yamato you need to know where to find the Yamatos. Here you have all the information about Yamatos who have just started an upgrade and are stuck on the planet for many hours. Click on View to see the detailed view of the planet. Here you can see the Yamatos of the planet, which tier they have and if they will be upgraded.


As you know, at the moment no Season is active - so nobody can update a Yamato. As you can see, @mancer-sm-alt is trying anyway - but the transactions fail because the backend understands that the transactions are invalid. However, once the new Season has started, this look very different again.

We have to fix a critical bug before we can start the second season. The second season starts soon. Thanks for your patience!

If you have any questions, join the official Discord server.

Stay tuned.



Das machen wir mit Abstand am liebsten. Nichts macht mehr Spaß als Bugs. (:

I offer the simple decision against "Failed" garbage (spam) in transactions - let the game penalize each failed transaction by a small amount, sample 1 SD or (0.001 SD ^ n) for every fault, n is fault's number in the continuous sequence.
Human players will receive a small damage from several penalties and in time will stop, but owners of bots should use cleverer bots (if want not to lose stardust savings).

#Greenpeace is live!

Your solution is pretty smart. Very interesting idea.

First we have to make the gameplay much more comfortable - especially with e.g. 100 planets. We have to do our homework. Bots are already fading away since we tax a couple things. We can't make a emergency braking yet, there are still too many deficits on our side.

I can't register/login at the moment. Are we waiting for that new season to start?

Hmm, works for me. SteemConnect or Keychain?

Keychain. Just pauses on the login screen. I only left it 3 or 4 minutes.
Trying again now, I'll leave it for a while longer.

Hmm, strange, works for me in seconds with Keychain.

Which RPC node have you selected?

Bildschirmfoto 2019-12-19 um 06.47.30.png


  • Hard refresh (empty cache)?

Same node. Tried anyx, same result.
Cleared chrome history, cookies and cache. Still freezing in the same spot.
I'll try some more stuff.

Tried henryclarke via both nodes, still no joy. I'll do a full PC restart in a few hours, and let you know.

The bug has been fixed.

And I'm in :)

Okay, I was able to reproduce it. It seems to be a registration bug. We're looking at this today.

I'm realizing that you don't have an account yet. We're talking about registration. My fault.

But registration works, there are new registrations:

Bildschirmfoto 2019-12-19 um 07.15.01.png

Edit: But I'will check the reg-process today.

I'm not 100% sure atm which keys we need for registration + planet creation. I have to ask. Have you stored active key in Keychain?

Strange. Yes. It'd be original registration for both acounts. Both have active key in keychain.

Wow that's Good Update 👍

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Can you trade the stardust on the market for steem??

Hi awesome.. Thnx for the quick response

You're welcome. (:

When it will be easier to buy ships for the real players?

I mean right now you have to click on the planet, then shipyard and then scroll dooooooooown for long because all the strong ships are at the bottom. This you have to do like 20-30 times, depends on how many planets you have. Wouldn't there be an easier way to do it?

We have deficits there, yeah. You can test the shipyard on @Jarunik's client:

Thank you for this extremely useful update. I think I will have much easier time trying to find places to explore. I'm still not at a level to fight Yamato in a large scale. But I'll get there eventually.

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When will the next season start?

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