Hmm, works for me. SteemConnect or Keychain?

Keychain. Just pauses on the login screen. I only left it 3 or 4 minutes.
Trying again now, I'll leave it for a while longer.

Hmm, strange, works for me in seconds with Keychain.

Which RPC node have you selected?

Bildschirmfoto 2019-12-19 um 06.47.30.png


  • Hard refresh (empty cache)?

Same node. Tried anyx, same result.
Cleared chrome history, cookies and cache. Still freezing in the same spot.
I'll try some more stuff.

Tried henryclarke via both nodes, still no joy. I'll do a full PC restart in a few hours, and let you know.

The bug has been fixed.

And I'm in :)

Okay, I was able to reproduce it. It seems to be a registration bug. We're looking at this today.

I'm realizing that you don't have an account yet. We're talking about registration. My fault.

But registration works, there are new registrations:

Bildschirmfoto 2019-12-19 um 07.15.01.png

Edit: But I'will check the reg-process today.

I'm not 100% sure atm which keys we need for registration + planet creation. I have to ask. Have you stored active key in Keychain?

Strange. Yes. It'd be original registration for both acounts. Both have active key in keychain.

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