Sorry for the bad words, ultimately the freedom must prevail.

The way you guys are trying to do all this I find it utterly disgusting. Its obvious there is no passion about the game development, your hole roadmap is clearly focused in one single objective, sell as much smoke aka vaporware as possible.

The worst part is that there might be some innocent buyers around.

And you might even have brilliant people in the team, but the way you are doing this, disgusting.

Wait, did you get an upvote from gentlebot because you said 'sorry'?

Can I try.


Did it upvote yet?

"Its obvious there is no passion about the game development"

Wow, big words, no foundation. How exactly do you come to This Acceptance?

Game development is an Art.

99% of artist will agree that art making requires a process oriented methodology.

You are clearly working result oriented.

The artist focuses on his element, and doesn't think about demand, because good art creates demand on its own once its finished.

Your financial style -which is very common nowadays unfortunately- works in a funny way, it tries to create a demand before the offer is created (product).

EDIT: and this is assuming there is actual "development", which to date, it is a matter of faith (quoting your own team)

That's a pretty one-dimensional view, though.

An artist/founder who doesn't think about demand is a dreamer. Good art does not create a demand out of nothing after completion. There are thousands of examples.

The dance on the wire rope is to combine both.

wow, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed



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