NextColony Fleet Sale: Over 1,200 Battleships Available!

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Why Buying Battleships?

The @nextcolony game has a very slow pace. Building ships yourself will take a long time. Even if you can build various battleships already, getting to my level is hard. I have currently over 1,200 ships at my disposal, tendency growing. To get a chance for the games Honey Pot, the promised 30% revenue share, you will need many resources to build a Wonder of the World and many more ships to defend it.

You also get destruction points for destroying other peoples ships. This will probably become part of the revenue share model as well and hence only available to ship owners. So far, the only payout made was specifically for the destruction points.


Ships are fragile and can be destroyed. It is not an investment like into a Splinterlands card. More ships are being produced with no other limitation than the resource limit. However, if you play smart and handle your ships well, you might never loose them. The larger a fleet, the harder it becomes to destroy it but also makes it a target for destruction point hunters with even larger fleets.

Here are a few screenshots from my last raids. These are all from one single planet, done within the last two days. The value of the resources are way more than what is inside an Imperium Chest, which costs 99 Steem in the NextColony shop. And I am getting this constantly with my ships now.



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#SteemLeo Tip: Risky Investment!

Battleships are a very risky investment and you have the chance to loose them all. On the other hand, people are paying billions of dollars for other games and get zero in return. The Steem blockchain is enabling us to be virtual asset owners and NextColony and the underlying technology allow us to monetize these assets via revenue share and digital ownership.


What Are The Best Ships?

At the moment, there is only one ship class with speed 4, which are the Corvettes. They are the cheapest and smallest battleships, with only 20 storage room each. However, their superior speed make them easily the best ship in the game. All other battleships have speed 3 or lower and it will take a long time to fly attacks even to your neighbor sectors.

Corvette CrocusCorvette Petunia

The larger battleships are fantastic for defending your planets and to attack nearby planets. Their massive storage is ideal to clean entire planets of their resources in one go. But if you want to fly many attacks or far attacks, Corvettes are simply amazing. And the more you have of them, the stronger they become and the more storage they have themselves.

Corvettes are also much better than transporters. Five Corvettes cost as much as one transporter, have the same amount of storage and fly two times as fast. You cannot use them for the transport command but you can deploy the ships to your own planets and fill them with the resources you want to transport.

This is why I am never selling my Corvettes to market prices of currently ~1.5 Steem. I stick with 2 Steem each and no discount for larger orders.


Frigates On Sale

However, Frigates, the second battleship tier, are on sale. When you get 50 or more, the price for Frigates drops below my prices for the faster but weaker Corvettes and at 100 and more you get them for 1.6 Steem each. You can also get Corvettes, Destroyers and Cruisers.

You will be able to use the ships, even if you don't have the required level for building them yourself yet.

BattleshipTierImageShip Price 10+Ship Price 25+Ship Price 50+Ship Price 100+
Corvette Crocus12 Steem2 Steem2 Steem2 Steem
Corvette Petunia12.1 Steem2.1 Steem2.1 Steem2.1 Steem
Frigate Quorn22.2 Steem2 Steem1.8 Steem1.6 Steem
Frigate Redmill22.2 Steem2 Steem1.8 Steem1.6 Steem
Destroyer Rocket33 Steemn/an/an/a
Destroyer Janus33.3 Steemn/an/an/a
Cruiser Kent45 Steemn/an/an/a
Cruiser Drake45.5 Steemn/an/an/a



The ships are available to take off within a day into each corner of the galaxy. If it takes over 7 days I will take an extra fee of 10%, for the used up mission control slot. But other than that, there is no maximum delivery time. 14 days is the largest travel time from me to the furthest corner with Frigates.

Payment in Steem is up-front.

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I have not played nextcolony yet , heard about it a while back but just to damn busy on the Blockchain and Splinterlands going crazy, that I just dont have any time for yet another game! lol, looks kinda cool though @flauwy !👍👍👍😎🚀🚀🚀

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So how can I buy some? Most important Information seems to be missing -_-#

you tell me, I send you

I've sent you 10 Steem for whatever I can get for. Since I'm at 0 Ships at the Moment -_-

What are your coordinates?

20190809 03_40_16Benutzerdefinierte Auswahl.png

12 Corvettes are on their way to your planet. :)

THANKS! I thought I'd get ~5, nice of you