Investing Into NextColony BattleShips: 200 Frigates For Sale For Pro-Gamers

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The @nextcolony universe is populated with plenty of hostile planets, attacking their neighbors for their resources. If you are lacking the fighting power, than a fleet delivery service might be right up your alley. Today you get the chance to purchase a massive fleet with up to two hundred Frigates.


Why Purchasing A Fleet?

In NextColony, battleships are virtual assets. They are tradable and connected to your secure blockchain account. They can be destroyed and they can be rebuild, but that costs time and resources. Each battleship must be skilled up to level 20, before it can be build. And the shipyard on each planet has to be high enough for the particular tier class of the battleship you want to build. It is a long way to your first ship and an even longer to your first fleet.

When you own battleships, you can deploy them between your planets to move resources much quicker than with transporters. You can also defend yourself from incoming attackers, who are after your resources. Even better, you can start raiding yourself, by attacking other planets. The amount of resources you can obtain depends on various factors but mostly upon your storage capacity. With a large enough fleet, you can clean entire planets in one single attack.

As soon as you have ships, you usually don't need to buy chests anymore, as you can cover that by flying attacks and collect even more resources than when you would buy a small chest every single day. Since the battle module has started, I didn't need any more chests and my production runs non-stop.


Are Battleships A Good Investment? #steemleo

Probably not. They are unlimited, hence inflationary, although require time and resources. Over time, there might be massive fleets flying through NextColony. They can also be destroyed and you would loose all your investment. Further, bot farms are already grinding at the outer fringes of the galaxy and they might have a big impact on fleet sizes over time.

On the other hand, you will get a lead in the game. This can be both fun as well as lucrative, as 30% of the revenue from NextColony is shared with the players. The first rewards have been paid out already and there are about 40,000 Steem in the pool. Any attempt on getting a share of that pot, will most likely require you to get your hands on your own fleet. You get destruction points for destroying other ships and they are part of the revenue share model. And the Wonder of the World, another revenue share feature, will require tons of resources, very likely much more than your own planets can handle.


200x Frigates

The offer includes the free rocket version of the first three tiers, as well as the premium bullet version of each of them, which comes from the blueprints in the shop. You will be able to use the ships, even if you don't have the required level for building them yourself yet.

100x Frigate Quorn100x Frigate Redmill
Tier 2: Rocket 3Tier 2: Bullet 3 (from Blueprint)
Speed: 3Speed: 3
Storage: 40Storage: 40

This is a total of 8000 storage. With that you can clean two entire planets in one single attack each.

The minimum fleet size you can purchase is 10. Larger orders will get you a discount.

10 Frigates25 Steem (2.5 Steem each)
25 Frigates55 Steem (2.2 Steem each)
50 Frigates100 Steem (2 Steem each)
200 Frigates350 Steem (1.75 Steem each)



The ships are available to take off within a day into each corner of the galaxy. If it takes over 7 days I will take an extra fee of 10%, for the used up mission control slot. But other than that, there is no maximum delivery time. 14 days is the largest travel time from me to the furthest corner with Frigates.

Payment in Steem is up-front.

For questions you can also get in contact with me on Discord under flauwy#5735.

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Would you classify investing in frigates to destroy online planets as ethical? The 'defense' industry is profitable but it's often wiser to lend money to both sides of the battle. The winners can afford to pay and the losers don't have a choice in the matter.

At least you admit they probably aren't a good investment-unless, of course, you plan on using them to achieve your intergalactic goals.

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The ethics in a space battle game is relatively clear from the beginning, as building ships and attacking other planets is a large part of it. You could ask the same question about people who sell Splinterlands cards on the market, which will be used to beat other people, collect Dark Energy Crystals for it and prevent the beaten from doing the same in that round. The largest difference is, that Splinterlands cards cannot be destroyed, at least not by opposing players. Planets cannot be destroyed.

Wow very interesting investment idea :D
Into in game battle ships.

I myself just bought myself the Explorer II Blueprints, and after activating the prints I realized that I need to upgrade my uranium storage to even be able to get enough resources to build these ships :D

Btw what's the difference between bullets and rockets ?
Do rockets do splash dmg ?

Bullet, Rocket and Laser are making extra damage to either shields, armor or structure of ships.

You can go beyond the depots limits by raiding other planets. The incoming resources will ignore the limits of your planet.

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Tell me Flauwy, did you manage to sell your ships?

I sold many ships but I don't remember if I sold this specific offer. Prices are down though and ships aren't worth much anymore.