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RE: New Buff: Battle Speed

This is very nice! Works perfectly with my Ship Formula! The Bullet Class battleships will eventually be the rarest, and this will help potential buyers of my Ships to understand why the Bullets are the most expensive. Not only will they run out in the future, because the Blueprints in the Shop have a limit, but they can now have an added Speed bonus! Get those Blueprints while their still available! Very well thought out update, as always!!!


This ship formula is pretty interesting. More settlers and raiders should see that, so 100% upvote.

Thank you as always, for the support and the words of encouragement. I'm still using this formula everyday; it's very useful and practical. And it really compliments this Speed Buff because in the end, the Bullet Class blueprints will run out, and become very rare. This Speed Buff giving more speed to the Bullets, also justifies their value being higher. My Scout Sentry and Scout Minerva ships now have the same price - 3.367 STARDUST - because I was able to activate the Laser Class blueprints on all of my planets. The Scout Athene, however, is 5.9 STARDUST because only 4 of my planets can produce them. This formula obviously does not apply to the Yamatos!!!

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