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RE: NextColony: Reward Pool

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Cool project! Will there be items in the game? Can you find items? Loot items? I see you can mine resources, like games like trongoo, ethergoo and drugwars here on Steem. How will this be different from those pyramide like games? Will there be exploration? Will there be random items to be found? In drugwars for example its all about investing the most, quit investing at the correct time, and then getting the most passive income off of those joining the game later.


Thank you for your good and meaningful questions @eosmastering

Yes, there will be definitely different kind of items. For example you can ear items via missions or buy them in the shop. We haven't thought about the random items yet but that sounds very good and we will look into it. Yes, there also will be explorations.
The differences to Drugwars and so on you can find out by yourself from Sunday on (:

@nextcolony thanks for the answer! Looking forward to trying it out :)

You're welcome. (: