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RE: 🌑 NextColony SCI-FI "RPG Story Contest" #2

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Hello, dear participating writers of this call to the fictional adventure of @Nexcolony from the hand of @art-universe (I thank you both for creating this opportunity for the adventure of building fictional worlds).
I would like to briefly express my opinion about your texts, as it has been gratifying for me to read them and feel part of a group of people who love Science Fiction. However (and I apologize beforehand) I must do it in a single comment, because lately I have had to work with few CR and that causes me some problems.
From the @nessos story, I liked his agility to build an action story. The correlate of the struggle for freedom of a people that seems helpless is a message of dignity.
@darthgexe built a story in the context of an intergalactic court and that seemed very original to me. The idea of Steemit as a matrix was a very funny wink.
@isarmoewe, in my opinion, gives a twist to her very interesting story and I liked it very much, because the police genre is one of my favorites. It develops the plot in the different scenarios covered by the criminal investigation and this makes her story more complex and catches the reader in suspense.
Thank you for sharing your stories. This reader enjoyed her reading very much.
A hug!


Are you mixing entries from the first and the second contest?
Because there's an entry for the second contest from @mariejay also. :)
(And I'm not finished with my second story yet.)

I think I mixed the readings and, in fact, omitted the text from @mariejay.
In my next comment I will correct the error.
Thank you for warning me.