MSM trying to spin NZ shooting into their Trump hate drum beat, an Australian Senator speaks out about blatant hypocrisy of CAIR , how the mass islamic migration has contributed to crimes and social tensions!

The following is a report from One America News Network,

I don't suppose this is reported on other msm outlets.

Almost every type of immigration has been Exploited and Abused by radical islamists over the past 3 decades.

Further some experts fear (know) islamic radicals are seeking to infiltrate western countries to wage a so called holy war on who they see as infidels.

And followers of radical islam have been involved with organized crime across the EU, grooming gangs in the UK and the alleged sleeper cells in the US.

Though people feel remorse for attacks on those of the islam faith, hard line extremist celebrate attacks on the West as much of msm has little to say about their evil of celebrating even the 9/11 attacks.

Radical Islamic leaders have praised attacks and said the attackers did the work for All of them.

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