As discussed on the chat I've sent you the equivalent of 98 SBD to your paypal.
I also confirm that I received the 98 from you!

OK. I need to be sure there is't an overflow of requests. :)

k, just let me know. I should be checking my puter every 10-15min.

are you on so we can talk through the transaction?

I am not on steemchat, would we be able to talk through it on the blockchain?
If need be I guess I could make a steemchat account but honsly I prefer the blockchain.

if you don't mind sharing your paypal address with everyone, shoot, that's why I proposed the chat, to keep it more private.

didn't think about that part of it.
Its not my paypal account so it would be better if not public. ill set up a steemchat account in like 30min or so, I have to make a quick run to the store.
ill message u when I get back and supply u with all the info to get a hold of me n stuff.
sry im lagging, shouldn't be to long I hope.

I'm not in a hurry, we can do this any day, it doesn't have to be today man. Enjoy your Christmas, and we'll talk as soon as possible.

ok im gona do a couple things around the house (coffee, ect.) then ill set up a steemchat account.

no rush man, we can do it tomorrow or any day. Don't stress over it too much.

ok I got a steemchat account setup, no clue how to use it though. same name as on here.

hit me up I think I got everything ready. my friend with the pay pal account is aware and ready too.
I sent you a message on steemchat also.

Hey man, was with the fam at dinner, we had some friends over. I'm good to go now. Pinged you on

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