Don't want SBD? Your SBD? Get rid of some by selling it to me for fiat. | Also resuming blogging mode

I initially said I'l leave this one for the first day of January, make the resuming of my blogging one of the New Years resolutions but, hell, the tips of my fingers were tingling so I had to do it.

Resuming active blogging mode

I'm back but never been gone really. After the quiet period preparing for Steemfest, actively engaging there helping Steemians enjoy the conference and being part of the awesome organisation team of @firepower and @roelandp (your rock guys! best mates fo' eva!), then a cooldown period after coming back from Amsterdam with many projects finished (including a $2mil/yr one won by the company I work for), a move to another city in Romania and a plan to switch to a new Steemit handle, I also want to become more active on my blog as tbf I've been active more on than here and that's not fair. 

What about the clickbait title?

It is clickbait, but I'm standing by it so let's get this out of the way first. I have a couple hundred $ left over from my Christmas budget and I want some crypto for it. In this case, I want SBD and I loose quite a few if I go through the standard channels, buying BTC from a broker, then converting it to SBD. (there's also changelly to do direct USD>SBD, but their exchange rate is again, with a steep conversion rate).

So if you need any money in your PayPal account, or need an Amazon Gift Card, etc., let me know and we can get it done. I'l even match 1SBD with 1USD for you.

My stance on the SBD discussion

For what it's worth, I think SBD should stay:

  • It gives non-crypto people something simple to relate to in terms of valuating their wallets, Steem rewards etc.
  • It is a stable token (not a token I know, a smart contract, keeping it laymen terms here), that keeps it's value over time around 1USD, being less prone to devaluation. It is ideal to be used in eCommerce, holding savings (gives interest), etc.

Just imagine if SBD were more marketed and easily available for purchase directly with Indian Rupees, in India, the past weeks, and if they could use SBD to pay at stores (hashtag wishfullthinking) and etc. How much enclined would people in India be to put their money in SBD instead of Bitcoin knowing our Steem Backed Dollar's stability?

I feel you all out there that SBD is pegged to Steem and that's a big responsibility (read: risk) on Steem's shoulders, not viable (read: not used, not endorsed by eCommerce) but it can't do that yet, because the amount of SBD available is extremely small. Do you know how much real money is out there in the world? Only fiat (coins and banknotes) in the entire world is $5 Trillion (5,000,000,000,000). Do you know how much all the crypto values? Almost $16.5 Billion ($16,485,981,065). Do you know how much SBD is out there? $1.2 Million ($1,202,571).

There's no point in debating if SBD would be worth while for mainstream commerce right now because even if it were, the amount of people that could be using it would be very small. The current available amount SBD is too little to say it won't be fit for mainstream use in the future. SBD can be thought of as a stable, decentralized, fee-less, interest paying currency to be used in the future, when it can meet the market's volume demand. This year's Black Friday sales topped $3 Billion, let's pick this up when the SBD pool increases to at least a fraction of that.

All in all, I agree with @clayop on one thing. If SBD is to be removed, please don't do it now (next 3-6 months). Steem has gone from major redesign to major redesign, quarter to quarter. This creates instability.

Ending humming carols

It felt so good writing this post that I wished I would have done it sooner and I'm not sorry I didn't postpone it to January.

Tonight is also Christmas night. I do hope all of you are in the presence of your loved ones and will enjoy some quality moments with them on this magical night.

What I'm excited about happening next, Steem wise:

  • 2017, removing the Beta tag?
  • the December 6th fork effects (the dumpening?)
  • - where I've had the immense privilege to be accepted in the Alpha testing stage
  • more of @alexandriova's girlfriends joining Steemit (seriously guys, stop flagging her for no good reason, get over it...)
  • @stellabelle's back for a couple weeks now (eager to see how that progresses, or doesn't...)
  • orca-nising myself as I'm a proud dolphin now
  • a couple Steem apps I swear to the sweetest things I have, I will finish soon


Oh, and I mustn't forget. I'm beginning the transfer of my Steem Power and blogging to a new handle, one that I wanted when I joined Steemit and was disappointed to see it wasn't available. I thought I was a super early adopter but someone else registered it before me. That handle is a shorter version of what I currently have: @andu

Many people at SteemFest called me Andu (dropping the ...web) and when I got back I said I had to get that handle. I asked the account holder if he'd sell it to me and I'm so proud he said yes so I got bought it in a heartbeat.

That's it for now: Merry Christmas my fellow Steemians and SteemOn!


I completely agree with you about keeping SBD! Keeping SBD will also encourage businesses to flourish as a part of steemit/Steem. I see it more difficult if only steem was available to do business because then people would have to be constantly checking the price of steem to be able to properly know how to pa someone!

Nice to see you back dude! With a tempting offer too, I hope some people take you up on it!

Haha, Thanks! Never been truly gone but yeah, feels good to share some of my thoughts on the steem blockchain :)
I also hope some take me up on that, I was serious about it.

I would take you up as trying to save up for a mobility scooter, how would you go about it?

Hit me up on to go through the details. Same username as here.

OK ill try and get in soon

no rush, we also need to enjoy the Christmas day right?

If your on now I can pop on, Ill try my best to find you lol

I DM'ed you.

As discussed on the chat, I've just sent you the equivalent of 100SBD to your paypal. Thanks!

EDIT: and I confirm I received the 100 SBD on @andu as discussed.

All done, Thank you very much, that was so much easier than the other way. Merry Christmas :)

hey I might be interestd in selling my sbd to you.
I got 98 sbd.
hit me up.

As discussed on the chat I've sent you the equivalent of 98 SBD to your paypal.
I also confirm that I received the 98 from you!

OK. I need to be sure there is't an overflow of requests. :)

k, just let me know. I should be checking my puter every 10-15min.

are you on so we can talk through the transaction?

I am not on steemchat, would we be able to talk through it on the blockchain?
If need be I guess I could make a steemchat account but honsly I prefer the blockchain.

if you don't mind sharing your paypal address with everyone, shoot, that's why I proposed the chat, to keep it more private.

didn't think about that part of it.
Its not my paypal account so it would be better if not public. ill set up a steemchat account in like 30min or so, I have to make a quick run to the store.
ill message u when I get back and supply u with all the info to get a hold of me n stuff.
sry im lagging, shouldn't be to long I hope.

I'm not in a hurry, we can do this any day, it doesn't have to be today man. Enjoy your Christmas, and we'll talk as soon as possible.

ok im gona do a couple things around the house (coffee, ect.) then ill set up a steemchat account.

no rush man, we can do it tomorrow or any day. Don't stress over it too much.

ok I got a steemchat account setup, no clue how to use it though. same name as on here.

hit me up I think I got everything ready. my friend with the pay pal account is aware and ready too.
I sent you a message on steemchat also.

Hey man, was with the fam at dinner, we had some friends over. I'm good to go now. Pinged you on

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