Making Resolutions, Yay or Nay? | 🎉Happy New Year🎊

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Firstly, Happy New Year everyone. Over here at my side, it is already 1st January 2019. And I was thinking of many things along the line of "New Year" and had gathered all the thoughts (words) into the Word Cloud. To me, love is the most important and essential element in my life, without it, everything will fail. Yes, it is that serious to me. So, love is the shape for 2019.❤️


What others words do you have when you think of New Year which are not in the word cloud above? Let me know. 😉

Meanwhile, are you up to making resolution? It is a norm to make resolution when the new year arrives. Yay or nay for you? But to some, it can be a 'Nay' because they do not prefer to craft out a plan they can't follow through successfully. And it is true, mostly may drop the plan halfway, or only a minority able to achieve all the goals laid out.

While a handful may not be able to reach there, most people agree that making resolution do help them to improve or change for the better. Resolution keeps the focus intact, that is if we keep refer back to what we have planned and realigned our focus again.

So, what are your resolutions? Will it be a long list? Or wish list? Or a new dream/goal? Or a theme or new motto? Or just one word?

Throughout the years, I had noticed some common resolutions circulating around the social media. Let's have a look and see whether are they similar with yours.

1. Eat healthy

We will aim to cut down sugary food or avoid all together, since age is catching up and metabolism has slowed down alot. Also, avoid processed food and unnecessary junk food or dessert. The best is to eat as natural the food as possible.

2. Lose Weight or Keep Fit

To include some exercise regime at least 3 to 4 times a week, or best to have a slot everyday. To use staircase instead of lift and walk more throughout the day. Plus, practice intermittent fasting as well to detox the body.

3. Practice Kindness and Love

To slot in some time where people visit orphanages and old folks time or to provide free food to the homeless or the Rohingya communities.

4. Spend more time with family

To cut down gadget time so to have more time with family, actually engaging in conversation face-to-face and heart-to-heart. To slot in time where family can go travel together and have some fun time.

5. Less Procrastination

To 'just do it' when there are tasks to be done instead keep delaying or postponing. Stay focus on the jobs and finished the work, be responsible and committed to your job.

6. Cut Down Unnecessary Entertainment

This is so that at the end of the year, people will have some savings instead of spent all on travelling or other entertainment.

7. Spend Within The Means

Cut down usage of credit card which might cause people to overspend and having a year full of debt.

All the above are some of the common list in people's resolution. And according to records, most people could follow through them halfway. And for the second half of the year, all hell would break loose and the plans would be messed up as well. 😋

I am thinking this year I will find a theme for me to follow through. Or one word which I want to focus for the better me and the better year. See how it goes.

How about you?

Lastly, Happy New Year!




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All the best for the new year resolution!! I haven't come up with mine yet 😅😅

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Me too. I am more of daily basis. If want to be in bigger picture of whole year then I will only focus on one word or a phrase or theme or motto. If use lists then I will pengsan lol..

Happy New Year @iamjadeline!!
I dont really set up a new year's resolution because I usually set a new goal every week. But this year, i feel like there's a need for a change in my life and therefore i should work towards learning new skills 😀

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New goal every week sounds good too.

I live on daily basis yet I also do set goals. Whether weekly or monthly.

I wish you the best of the bestest to be with you this year. @vaelriey :) 😊


Aww thank you! I wish you the best for this year too 😊

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Happy New Year

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Happy New Year, @hafizullah 🎉🎊☺️

Definitely Yay for the New Year resolutions!! :D

I liked reading through your list, @iamjadeline. We definitely share the first three resolutions on your list! ;)


There are not my list though. I just happened to see people posting about it at social media. I seldom make resolution but just one theme or one word to stay focus. It can be love or patience, stuff like that. And thank you for visiting, @oleg326756 :)

I don't have resolutions but set goals instead. I have things I want to work towards though. But mostly I take each day as it comes.

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I don't make resolution too. But focus on a theme or a word to stay focus. Taking each day as it comes sound awesome too :)

Happy New Year dear @iamjadeline! 🎇🍾


Happy New Year, dear @erikah 🎉🎊🙂


Thank you dear Jadeline, let the New Year be a better one 🙂🍾

Happy new year


Happy New Year, @ziapase :)

Happy New Year to you!

I don't make resolutions. But set goals every so often. Actually, a lot of studies show that people who make resolutions usually feel worse - because they don't keep them and then feel even worse about themselves...


Me too, but I seem to see many make those resolution I mentioned above. But this year I am going to find one word to phrase my year so that I can keep my focus. So many things coming our way and we can feel too overwhelmed.. Thank you @freewritehouse. I foresee we will be having more fun together. :) Happy New Year


Much love to you!! and we are going to have lots of fun!!

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year, @olivia08 :)

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I made a New Year's resolution many years ago, to never make anymore New Year's resolutions and I've kept it very well. I do reflect, ponder and contemplate on all that has been and what should be the most important things to focus on. I'm still contemplating. :)

Happy New Year !


Make resolution to never make anymore New Year's resolution...

That is so brilliant to me. @jacey.boldart.

Yes, focusing on important things is what matters.

Thank you for dropping by.

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