STWT Show 32 - What is the New World Order and Who is Running it? - DTUBE Version!

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Tonight I will be doing a broad overview of what the New World Order actually is. Who is running it and why they are called the "Illuminati". I will be giving a broad overview of this topic as I feel we need to remind the truth community about the bigger picture that is going on. I will likely even dive into why this is a spiritual war as well. I will be doing this all live, I use no teleprompter, this is just me spitting unfiltered truth for hours. The full show notes and links will be on the steemit post for this show.

I will also be going over the STEEMIT and Patreon AMA questions for the following posts:

  1. Steemit:
  2. Patreon:

Should be a really interesting show. Please feel free to join the live chat and I will try to go through the chat and answer questions.


  1. Black Cube Mystery:

Source Links:

Fritz Springmeier Book: Bloodlines of the Illuminati:

How the Catholics created Islam:

Rothschild created Israel in his own words:

New World Order Quote Compilation:

Illuminati Round Tables, Forums, Secret Societies, Intel Agencies, Etc:

Five Eyes Alliance:

Bilderberg Group:

Group of Thirty:

Bohemian Grove:

World Economic Forum:

Club of Rome:

Trilateral Commission:

Council of Propaganda aka Foreign Relations:



Knights of Malta:

Skull & Bones:

Bavarian Illuminati:

Bank of International Settlements:

World Bank:

Federal Reserve:

Jesuit Order:

Political Zionism:

Ashkenazi Jews:


Mystery Babylon "The Whore of Babylon" aka Vaticanus:

If I missed any, and I know I did, please add the group and the name below. I love how the steemit community is great at open source research, so if we can we can identify every group that's connected to them.

Thanks so much for voting with your views and watching this on DTUBE! You are the best and your up-votes and re-steems make this type of journalism possible!

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The publication has really caught my attention. I have read a lot about the Illuminati and it has intrigued me as the story has gone on and it is still a tight circle. I've always liked to read, and this topic has been one of the most intriguing for me, keep going up more info I will follow you. Thanks for the info.


Thank you for the follow. Yes the subject is very interesting, have a nice day!

Hey there! i was listening to your video here and then i paused it to go watch the electric universe documentary - i am just letting you know that the information that you and your guest provided OPENED me up to something about space i never understood. I APPRECIATE YOU!


You are very welcome, it is a very interesting topic, and the EU theory is pretty fascinating. Check out my first films "Trapped in the Ether" and the Star Wars "Trapped in the Ether" film I did.

I watched and share this video with many people. I am constantly surprise at what I don't know. I reset myself years ago and started from scratch. Throw out all truth but God, forget everything you think you know, forget the illusion we have that we are in control and have a grasp on reality. After you do that what is left? I'll tell you. It's a constant battle to weed out fiction from truth, the mirror from reality, and the comfort we get from feeling like we know what's going on. We don't. We have been lied to for generations by people who know no bounds and have unlimited resources. We have one thing they don't, the power and blessing of God. Thanks Titus.


You are very welcome, thanks for commenting Mike. Thanks again for the help with OpSafeWinter. We will be in touch.

@ titusfrost..If I missed any, and I know I did, please add the group and the name below. I love how the steemit community is great at open source research, so if we can we can identify every group that's connected to them.


Yeah if you have any names to add please do.

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Yeah exactly, thanks for the comment.

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No thank you for commenting. Have a nice day!

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Thank you very much.


Thanks, I appreciate the comment.

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Lolz funny meme, thanks for commenting.